Friday, March 1, 2013

My Best Friend is a Goblin! -Writing prompt

Your best friend knocks on your door one night. You scream. They have been changed into a goblin. How do you help them transform back?


Carlos De Jesus
I would get him to hollywood. He would get all kinds of acting parts, would save studios a lot on cgi. Once the money starts rolling in, we can try to pay someone to change him back or just pay one of many plastic surgeons in LA to work their magic.

Morgan Silver
I'd visit the White Fairy in the woods. She has all sorts of potions. That's how I found my husband and turned my cat into a unicorn. Also, she makes delicious cookies.

Nicole Ramsey
First they have to convince me they are indeed my best friend. Then we find an underground secret society of goblins that live in the modern world but only come out at night.

We find out a millionaire with hidden secret powers has turned people into goblins to do dirty work at night. Not wanting to see my friend live this life, I set on a quest to find the millionaire's weakness and cure for the goblins. I then convince the goblins to join together to take the evil tyrant down so they can get their lives back.

Thank you for participating everyone! I knew you guys were creative! -K.N. Lee