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Let's Make a Movie! **Sanguis City Series** Morgan Jane Mitchell

Let's Make a Movie!
**Sanguis City Series**
Morgan Jane Mitchell

Sanguis City Series 
Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Dystopia and Erotica in One Bite!
"Sanguis City is not your average vampire novel, ladies and gentlemen. There's no brooding female needing to get bitten to confirm her life. There's no super hot vamp-- Oh, wait. Yes, there's that. But you'll like that part. Trust me.... - Maria G. Cope, Lions & Lambs Book Blog
The End was not a Zombie apocalypse but a Vampire one. 
Ever wonder what happens after the world ends? 
Lilanoir Rue did, a mere by product of the destruction, she never knew what happened before hand either. No longer just a human with fangs, she is banished from the only place she called home, the Human Reservation. She wipes her tears and never looks back. 
In a world gone dead, life has never been so good, for some. While others live in chaos, the chosen call Sanguis City home. The rich and powerful found a way to survive The End and enjoy every minute of it, for eternity. On the brink of a gruesome death from starvation, disease or a hungry zombie, humans flock there to sell their blood for peace and security. 
The city of blood, made for and by vampires, welcomes Noir; her kind are in high demand. New vampires, the ones who bought immortality, need a loyal workforce. Neither Human nor Vampire, Bleeders take care of the city in the daylight. Draining humans by day and dating Vampires at night leaves Noir little time to think about her past, or much else, until it finds her. 
Noir never dreamed her fangs would be the ticket to the good life, but three years in the city has earned her a promising future, career and, just maybe, a love life. But when she falls for her charmingly sexy Professor, an Authentic Vampire, she also falls into a web of nightmares. Does she really know anything about the real Vampires or about the city she now calls home? Unable to escape painful memories, she uncovers more than her own secrets. Quickly her dystopian paradise starts crashing down around her, and some secrets just won't stay dead, and others are bound to kill her before finals week. Ending up in bed with a monster, in more ways than one, might not be as bad as she had imagined. 
Now let me cast the movie... ~ Morgan Jane Mitchell Vote for it here
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Lilanoir Rue/ Noir
Emma Stone as a red head would have to play Noir because she’s R-rated sexy (see the video above). And let's face it, this book is R-rated sexy. 
She’ll need blue contacts and fangs, of course, to represent my Bleeder. If you didn’t know, Noir’s not a vampire but rather a sort of side effect of The End, a human born with fangs, possessing the most beneficial of vampire traits with very little of the weaknesses. Her kind also still bleed, so they are sustenance for the vampires who rule the civilized world, some even bleed humans for the vampires too thus the nickname that stuck – a Bleeder.
A sense of humor is paramount to portraying the main character in Sanguis City. I love Emma’s voice too. I first saw her in The House Bunny, but then I watched Zombie Land, next Friends with Benefits. Emma can act genuine, be sarcastic and drop the f-bomb like my Noir. I’ve also seen her more recently in Birdman, so I know she can be intense when needed. 
Did you just faint a little, reading the name.? I know I did.
I’d always thought of Alexander Skarsgård to play Sander because I need a drop dead gorgeous man with a sinister smile, tall but broad… but I also need someone who looks a bit younger. Sander is as old as time, one of the first men transformed by the Upir, making the authentic vampire a god in the eyes of many, but all while he was still a physically young man. So I've found Alexander Ludwig. He didn’t catch my eye as Cato in the Hunger Games but on the History Channel’s Vikings as Bjorn, he proved he can play a man and one who doesn’t mind getting bloody. Plus, he can do accents which my Vampire God has when he’s angry. Looking divine in a tux, he’ll make a perfect Sander. Now can he transform into the sweet tuxedo cat Bijou?
My cat Oreo will play Sander's other kind. You didn't know my vampires can turn into any creature they drink from regularly? Better get reading!
I almost forgot, he'd also have to play Sigmund, Sander's sadist twin brother.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!  I've not watched Dracula on NBC, but this is my Aubrey. BUT he must be able to pull off an American accent because the former private dick was transformed in Chicago in the 1920’s. And from watching the Tudors, I know Jonathan owns a sex scene.
(Spoiler) I can totally see Jonathan Rhys Meyers as my dream walking vampire detective. Squee!
A ginger body building bleeder?! It’s so hard to find a strawberry blond haired actor who can pull off body builder with a square jaw and cocky attitude but I think Stefano Masciolini has the face. He may have to hit the gym for this role. Quixon has beautiful emerald green eyes and likes to pierce himself with silver jewelry. I’d love to see Quixon in his red Sforce uniform on his horse with his scythe, cutting the heads off zombies on the big screen. It gives me the chills.
Hayden Panettiere would have to play Noir’s fellow bleeder and best friend Savy. Blonde and perfect, Savy may seem self-centered but she truly cares for Noir in her own way. 
Rickie Whittle who plays Lincoln on the 100 is my Jef, Savy’s New Vampire Boyfriend. Why do I call him a New Vampire? He was one who bought his way into vampirism before the End, bought the elixir responsible for the downfall of society. But Jef has ornate facial hair and tribal tattoos that were in style at the time he was turned. Rickie Whittle will have to do the same. This hot young looking actor has blown me away portraying a complex character on the 100. Jef too is a complex guy who Noir thinks treats Savy poorly, but we haven’t seen his side of the story yet.
BBC’s Being Human’s Lenora Crichlow could play my bubbly, empathetic bleeder, Clare. Did you know all the bleeders have one or two special vampire traits? She’ll have to don a much shorter hairstyle for the role.
Tombs could be played by Daniel Henny. I found this model online long ago and was smitten, mess his hair up a little and he’s Tombs. The sexy bleeder is Noir doctor/friend/… well with his ability what doesn't Tombs have his hands in? 
Sanguis City, Carpe Noctem’s witch Darius Bishop has a unique look, longish hair and glowing green tattoos. Richard Harmon, also from the 100 has a fascinating face. I don’t know whether he is good or bad… I like that, and it fits Darius perfectly.
Sanguis City, Carpe Noctem's Willow looks like a child or a young teen, but she’s not. Annasophia Robb has the wild childlike features of this mysterious teleporting girl.
Izabella Miko has the look needed to play Sander’s super sophisticated daughter Adela. Physically resembling her father, this ancient vampire happens to be a bit dry and serious, but mostly vicious. Caring firstly for her father, she’d love to get rid of Noir.
I told you I was looking for young actors and the CW’s the 100 is full of talent. Bob Morley could play Crow, Noir’s first love from the Human Reservation that was once Cherokee, North Carolina. I won’t spoil the story by telling any more about our beloved Crow, but Bob has the looks and experience for my post-apocalyptic world. 
An accident or rather, the accident, Caesar, a vampire who will always look like he’s on the verge of death can be played by Gustaf Skarsgård. Yes, Alexander Skarsgård has a brother who plays the super creepy Floki on Vikings. Tombs’ mentor, an important vampire in Sanguis City is also pretty creepy.