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Lyrinian Blade: The Chronicles of Koa Book Three **Cover Reveal**

A fallen angel, torn farther from redemption by the half-blood vampire that he loves, struggles with the new dark power he has stolen.

Royal siblings left to their own devices, with a taste for blood, are faced with a choice. Stay in the human world, or return to the Netherworld where their mother tries to prevent war.

Koa, separated from all that she loves, must break away from her captors, or convince them to join her side against the angels that betrayed her and continue to hunt her and the angel she loves.

With a war between angels, vampires, and demons, Koa is just one of the keys to saving the world. The other key, is the king of Elyan… Koa’s brother. But is his heart as pure as Koa's?

As he sets his sights on the Lyrinian throne, the answer can be the difference between life and death for Koa, and all of her loved ones.

But what Koa doesn’t know is that a demonic beast watches in secret, with her blackened heart set on Koa's death

Catch up on the first two books!
Netherworld: The Chronicles of Koa Book One
What would you do if a demon threatened your mother's life? If you're like Koa, you'd sharpen your enchanted sword and hunt him down... 

Our world is threatened by the creatures of an alternate land called the Netherworld. Koa and the Netherworld division are there to keep the vampire and demon population in check. Koa is a powerful half-blood vampire. Her best friend is her boss, she has a cursed mother, an enchanted sword, and an attractive human pet. 

Koa also has a problem. A Netherworld serial killer, that targets little girls for the power they give to him, threatens everything Koa has worked hard to protect. Not even Koa's boss, Halston can stop him. But he knows one prisoner that can. He is locked away in the Ivory Tower where the most notorious supernatural criminals are kept. The Ivory Tower... is in the Netherworld. 

Is Koa ready to journey to the Netherworld to release the one creature that can break her mother's curse and protect all that she holds dear? 

Prepare for an adventure into an action-packed thriller! 

Dark Prophet: The Chronicles of Koa Book Two
Discover lavish Netherworld grandeur meets British vampire society in this highly anticipated sequel to the international bestselling novel, Netherworld: The Chronicles of Koa Book One. 

Not all vampires are created equal... 

Koa is a half-blood vampire with not only the ability to fly, but survive in the sun's light. She will do anything to protect her mother, and break her curse. The demon, Bund, wants more than her mother's life. He wants something from Koa, a power that she doesn't even know she has, and will rip through as many humans as he can to get her to surrender. 

Agent Koa Ryeo-won, and her boss, Halston, formed a crew of supernatural agents to stop Bund. But is a prophet, a temptress, a War-Breeder, a half-blood with an enchanted sword, and a few angels enough to stop what Bund has planned? 

In the midst of a war between the humans of the mortal world, and the creatures of the Netherworld, Koa discovers the truth of her past. She finds herself torn between two men, and in the center of everything. Faced with all of her returned memories, Koa also finds herself more powerful than ever. Being a half-blood is hard enough, but what exactly is Koa's other half? 

The truth can save...or destroy everything. 

Will the Netherworld Division stand behind Koa once they learn her secret? 

Author Bio: 
K.N. Lee is an award-winning author that resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she is not writing twisted tales, fantasy novels, and dark poetry, she does a great deal of traveling and promotes other authors. Wannabe rock-star, foreign language enthusiast, and anime geek, K.N. Lee also enjoys helping others reach their writing and publishing goals.

Her works include, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld, Dark Prophet, Rise of the Flame, A Gifted Curse, Wicked Webs, Empty Your Heart, Pixie Dust, and the paranormal collection of short stories, Thicker Than Blood.

Author, K.N. Lee loves hearing from fans and readers. Connect with her! 

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

"Good for One Ride," by, Gary McGinnis

"Good for One Ride" by, Gary McGinnis

Written from the point of view of a man that was on the battlefield

                The Vietnam War has drawn many deep scars in the souls and mind of so many of us. Regardless is we are relatives of the war heroes, we have war veterans in our family, or we fought the war ourselves, this war was and will remain a deep wound within our beings. The author, Gary McGinnis, served the military system in the Tet Offensive in 1968. He was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder because of the war and had to undertake more than ten years of therapy to release the inner pressure created by that hostile environment. So this book is written from the point of view of a man that was there, on the battlefield, and witnessed the events and atrocities that happened back there.

                If you want to have a unique inner view of what has happened during the war in Vietnam, this is the book you should read. Considering its length, the novel is short, comparing it to others. But, even in so little pages, the content is so concentrated and intense that it will be able to move you in the deepest ways. You always wanted to know what your dear ones experience while fighting in Vietnam, but you never had the courage to ask them to share their memories, as they still hurt after so many years. Now, you have a chance to finally understand the ordeal our family members and the veterans of the country had to endure in the battle zone.

                The author did not only concentrated on details about what he sees, like soldiers running around with an enormous number of weapons on their sides, harsh weather conditions and gun fires all over the place. He also told the story from his point of view, sharing thoughts, fears, and feelings about what was happening and what might happen. So this is a complete story, containing real facts and information and, as well, the human part with emotions and experience. It is a book with an amazing story for both a history enthusiast and a reader that has nothing to do with the Vietnam War. The author uses a clear and comprehensive style, almost like words have too little meaning compared to the full significance of the live scenes experienced by him. But, he manages to offer a sophisticated view of that this war meant for him and his fellow soldiers.

                The Vietnam War, with all its negative aspects, will remain a part of our history and, for so many, a constant part of their person. No matter how many books have been written on this particular subject, this war meant something different for each of us. Through this book, the author managed to offer a personal overview or the war site and managed, above all, to transmit with the help of words, how he felt during those endless days. It is a short book that is worth to be read, because it hold the unseen side of what that war meant. It is unbelievable the emotional charge a book, with so limited content, can offer the reader. It is the proof that you don’t need a lot of words to transmit an important message. The only important thing is the way you do it, and the author of the book did an excellent job regarding this part.

Good for One Ride is available at Amazon:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Second Captive by, Maggie James

Stockholm syndrome: the psychological tendency of a hostage to bond with his or her captor. 

What happens when you love the man you should hate? 

Beth Sutton is eighteen years old when Dominic Perdue abducts her. Held prisoner in a basement, she’s dependent upon him for food, clothes, her very existence. As the months pass, her hatred towards him changes to compassion. Beth never allows herself to forget, however, that her captor has killed another woman. She has evidence to prove it, not to mention Dominic’s own admission of murder. 

Then Beth escapes… 

And discovers Dominic Perdue is not a man who lets go easily. Meanwhile, despite being reunited with her family, she spirals into self-destructive behaviour. Release from her prison isn’t enough, it seems. Can Beth also break free from the clutches of Stockholm syndrome? 

A study of emotional dependency, The Second Captive examines how love can assume strange guises. 

About the Author

Maggie James is a British author who lives in Bristol. She writes psychological suspense novels. The first draft of her first novel, entitled His Kidnapper’s Shoes, was written whilst travelling in Bolivia.
 Maggie was inspired by an impending milestone birthday along with a healthy dose of annoyance at having procrastinated for so long in writing a novel.
 His Kidnapper’s Shoes was published in both paperback and e-book format in 2013, followed by her second novel, entitled Sister, Psychopath. Her third novel, Guilty Innocence, like her first two, features her home city of Bristol. S
he has recently published her fourth novel, The Second Captive. Before turning her hand to writing, Maggie worked mainly as an accountant, with a diversion into practising as a nutritional therapist. Diet and health remain high on her list of interests, along with travel. Accountancy does not, but then it never did. 
The urge to pack a bag and go off travelling is always lurking in the background! When not writing, going to the gym, practising yoga or travelling, Maggie can be found seeking new four-legged friends to pet; animals are a lifelong love!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Chronicles of Koa Series Gets a Face Lift!

After the ridiculously awesome reveal of the artwork for my epic fantasy series, Rise of the Flame, an idea sparked in my mind.

So, this weekend I grabbed my favorite magician and we slipped away into a secret lair where we created an incredible spectacle... 

The Chronicles of Koa book covers! 

Trust me, there were lots of sparkly flames, iridescent auras, and a few potions involved. But we did it!

Well, I admit. I didn't do that much. 

It was all Jennifer Munswami of JM Rising Horse Creations and her incredible artistry. Sure it was my vision, but it was her magic. 

So, what do you think? 

Aren't they incredible?

Finally, Koa's essence, beauty, strength, and power are captured and displayed in this enchanting artwork. 

But why did I do this? My covers were fine the way there were. 
Well, sure they were fine. But I wanted something better than fine. Koa deserves the best in my opinion, and contrary to the old saying about not judging books by their cover... it's wrong. 

In this digital era with millions of ebooks flooding the market, people do judge books by their cover. Especially from new authors. I mean, I don't care what Terry Goodkind's covers look like. If he writes a book, I'm going to read it. 

That's because I know his work. 

But if I see Sally Sue Surname on Amazon, and have never heard of her, I'm going to be drawn in by her cover art, then her reviews, and then I'll give her a chance. I imagine this is what many other avid readers feel. So, I'm proud of my new covers and the impact they'll make on an Amazon page in the midst of hundreds of other fantasy novels.

Download your copy of this work of art. It is truly spectacular on the inside and the outside!

Netherworld is available in ebook and paperback format on Amazon.

Surprise! Dark Prophet is on SALE! Download the international bestseller for a special price December 10th-17th!

Special thanks to Jennifer Munswami

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Yellow Hoods: Along Came a Wolf **Book Review**

The Yellow Hoods: Along Came a Wolf

by, Adam Dreece

Book Review

5 out of 5 stars

Prepare for a fantastical adventure that mixes steampunk with fairy tale. The Yellow Hoods: Along Came a Wolf is the first book of Adam Dreece’s fictional world where we begin in the town of Minette.

Calm town life is suddenly disrupted when a messenger arrives, and changes young Tee, her family, and her friend’s lives forever. Her grandfather, Nikolas seems to have a secret, one from his past that may cause harm to his beloved Tee.
Intriguing contraptions, inventions, and weapons make this story an exhilarating tale.

The characters are so well developed that you find yourself relating and caring for each of them. Characters that you think are villains become endearing heroes, and children that you think are too innocent to protect themselves and their loved ones shock you with their courage.

The Yellow Hoods is a book that is perfect for the entire family. It has a range of characters and a multi-layered plot that can entertain and keep even adults on the edge of their seats. You get the points of view of the younger characters, but then you also see things from the perspective of their older comrades, and you'll love every minute of it!

If you love high action fantasy with characters that will warm your heart and have you cheering for them, The Yellow Hoods is a must read.

Highly recommended!

Available on Amazon!