Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Elven Alliance Blog Tour!

The Elven Alliance Blog Tour!

When I was asked to put together a blog post I was stuck. I’d just finished my first draft of a new series and my mind was still focused on edits and plot. So, I turned to my street team (they are amazing!!) and asked them what they wanted to see me write about. In return they compiled a nice list of questions. Enjoy!
Kacey Ables asks: What made you want to write fantasy?
I’ve always lived in a fantasy world. Growing up, I was obsessed with the Harry Potter books. Think long lines at midnight in the freezing cold just to be one of the first to get their hands on them (this is before ebooks!) and then staying up the rest of the night to finish the book!!
As I grew older and had children of my own I started telling them fantasy stories, dragons, princesses and fairies..etc.
Fantasy books and stories have always been a part of my life.
Christopher Morgan asks: Where do you get your drive?
My kids. They were the ones who pushed me to start writing in the first place. Each time I finish a book they get so excited. They tell everyone and anyone we come across (sorry if you came across my kids at target)about my books.
Jemimah Zafoune asks: Coffee or Tea?
COFFEE…I drink about a pot a day J
Karen Tomlinson asks: How do you organize working, family and author life?
I live a crazy chaotic life! Honestly, the only reason I’m able to do all the things I do is because of my husband. He is wonderful. He definitely picks up the load when I’m knee deep in edits or sends me to my office when I just have to write this next chapter. The poor guy has been spending hours each weekend at Girl Scout booths selling Girl Scout cookies with our daughters just so I can get my writing done. He definitely deserves the credit for keeping me and our four kids organized!
Kristin Dutt asks: Take on dragons?
Who doesn’t love dragons? Once again I can thank J.K. Rowling for making me obsessed with dragons! There is something just so majestic in a mythical creature that possess so much power.
Jay Venti PA asks: What made you start your author/PR business?
Dragon Realm Press has just been a wonderful experience for me. I was having authors come to me begging for help. They kept telling me that I needed to start a business that the services I was giving to them were a necessity especially to newer authors. With a bit of a push from a fellow author Dragon Realm Press was formed!
Jemimah Zafoune asks: What's your all-time favorite book?
This is a hard question. Obviously I love all of J.K. Rowling’s books. I think my obsession with Harry Potter is clear J! My next favorite book would have to be Gone With the Wind. I’ve read the book at least a hundred times, whenever I’m in between books and am looking for something to read I always find myself picking it up to re-read.

The Keeper of Dragons: The Elven Alliance (Keeper of Dragons, Book 2)

The fates have spoken. 

Cole and Eva are the Keeper of Dragons - the only ones who can save all true beings from a time of fear. 

Uncontrollable power. 
Cole finds himself unstable, unpredictable and volatile. He has no control of the tillium-fairy magic he stole from the farros. Out of options, the dragons turn to a once ally - the elves - for help. Curious about the dragon who wields both dragon and fairy magic, they accept - but on their terms only. The dragons must submit to Prince Gaber and his rules. 
A new enemy. 
Queen Tana continues to haunt Cole’s dreams, as a new enemy shows his face - another fallen enemy with a bigger agenda than the farros-fallen fairies; an enemy stronger and smarter; an enemy with an army that could destroy all true beings. Enter King Eldrick of the eldens.
The fallen elves. 
Sometimes evil wins.

Join international bestselling author, J.A. Culican on an epic fantasy adventure that fans and critics are calling a world of magic, and comparing to Robert Jordan.