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An Exclusive Excerpt from Goddess of Suburbia by, Stephanie Kepke Writer!

An Exclusive Excerpt 

from Goddess of Suburbia 

by, Stephanie Kepke Writer!

It's a terrible feeling, like you're free falling, knowing that your husband is lying to you and not knowing why. Not knowing if it's a cover-up of epic proportions or simply a little white lie. I've witnessed lies of all shapes and sizes slip over Nick's silver tongue. That he finished college is a big one. He was six credits short – just two classes, but he never got around to doing it. He started working, and that was that, but he tells everyone he graduated early.
Lying is second nature to him, but the lies he told me were always sandpaper lies – smoothing out the roughness of life. They were lies designed to avoid confrontation, not malicious lies. Sure he bought me a birthday card on time – he just left it at work. No, he didn’t forget to pick up milk; he just planned on stopping home first. Little things. But, in snooping around, I knew I had stumbled upon something big – a great big fat lie that would likely destroy us.
It all started with a request – one little request and my desperation to please, my desperation to make sure my husband, Nick, never strayed. But, it became something bigger than either of us could have anticipated and instead of saving our marriage, it destroyed it. Though, I suppose it was on that path already – this just hastened the final blow.

"This was exactly the book I needed, right when I needed it. Goddess of Suburbia follows a suburban story that you can't imagine would ever really happen to anyone you know, while still managing to be entirely relatable... There's a lot going on in this story, but you'll be invested in Max's story right from the get go, and likely finding unlikely parallels between her life and your own..." - She Who Reads All the Books Blog
"...from beginning to end Max's journey is one you're going to want to read, whether or not you're presently living a suburban fairy tale yourself... Max is impossible not to root for, right from the beginning... the writing...hooked me right from the first page.... A really incredible read. Highly recommended!" - Flights of Fantasy Blog

"...I loved seeing a heroine who is solidly in middle-aged getting into a situation that is so tied to social media and modern technology. Max isn't exactly flawless as far as characters go, but that makes her so endearing. All I wanted was for things to go well for her, but this is a book, so of course her journey won't be an easy one. But it did make for great story telling! Highly recommended!" - Library Nerdette Blog

Suburbia meets scandal in this hopeful and honest portrayal of that moment in every woman’s life when it's time to make a change, even if that means risking losing it all. Goddess of Suburbia by Stephanie Kepke is a must-read for women looking to reconnect with their passions, and live authentically.
When pillar of the community and PTA mom, Max, allowed her husband, Nick, to record a sex video of them on his cell phone, she thought of it as simply a way to keep Nick interested and entertained during his frequent business trips. But suddenly, Max is trending everywhere—her video lighting up the blogosphere and Twitter, thanks to the fact that she’s a genuine, imperfect woman. Now the paparazzi are chronicling her every move; her daughter wants to disown her; and her marriage has completely fallen apart. Just as things can't get any more chaotic, Max's college boyfriend, shows up two decades after he broke her heart. Now Max must learn to stop going through the motions of her life on auto-pilot and start living authentically, or risk forever being a suburban lemming running towards the cliff of old age.

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Interview with Mia Dymond

Alpha Four Series

Blog Tour

Interview with Mia Dymond

When did you first start writing?
I've been concocting stories of some kind since I was old enough to use my imagination and because I was somewhat of a control freak even then, I made my siblings write them down for me! The longest was 17 pages and rambled on and on. It was absolutely horrible but my mother still has it stored with my scrapbooks. Several times I've attempted to convince her to trash it but she won't budge. She says it started my career ...

Professionally, I began the publication process in 2005 and my first short story, Undercover Kisses, was published in the July/Aug 2010 issue of Love Stories Magazine. My first novel, Leather, Lace & Rock-n-Roll, was published on Smashwords in 2009.
How do you create your characters?
This may sound almost psycho, but my characters (the female ones) are pieces of me. They reside in my head and make an appearance when they're ready! Rachel Newberry (Leather, Lace & Rock-n-Roll) brings out the analytical side of me and I am every bit as sassy as Cameron Tremaine (Outspoken Angel) - well ... can anyone compare to Cameron?

When I'm developing a new series or novel, I try to keep the story focused around each personality. Once I have a pretty good feel for the heroine, the hero follows suit. Most usually, my heroine is a strong, independent woman who irritates the hero to no end until she has him wrapped around her little finger; my hero is man enough to let her.
Where do your ideas come from?
Real life. I people-watch a lot when I'm out and about and most times, I see or hear something that sparks my imagination. The plot behind my novel, Never Cry Uncle, was actually developed from an experience with my former employer - I'll let you draw your own conclusions about which experience!

Recently, I read a post on Facebook that rings true with me:

I'm a writer. If I'm staring at you, I'm not being rude, I'm trying to decide if you need to go in a book. If you're a snot, I may be trying to decide how to kill you. (courtesy: Writers Write)
What is your writing process?
I don't know if I have a process! I almost always start with writing the ending - I guess to assure I know where the story is going - then I fill in the blanks one scene at a time. It's weird because I'm an extremely methodical person by nature but I don't use a particular method when I write. Somehow the scenes just seem to fit after they're all written.
How do you approach cover design?
Choosing a cover design is one of the first things I do, and I have a very simple method: I use the drool factor!

I choose designs that I feel will instantly attract attention and create curiosity about what's inside the cover. Then I develop my character sketch around the image. Since I use the images on marketing materials, jaws drop and eyebrows wiggle when I pass a business card!
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Quite honestly, rejection. I queried numerous agents and publishers only to be told that although my manuscript was entertaining and well-written, I just didn't make the cut. Indie publishing was a relatively new concept when I began to research the process and I was both skeptical and scared to death. 

Opportunity knocked when I stumbled onto an ad for Smashwords in Romantic Times magazine and decided to check it out.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
I owe my success to Smashwords because without the opportunity to utilize the service, I feel I might possibly still be waiting for a break into publication. Smashwords granted me the opportunity to control my publication process and distribute a product I felt would be entertaining to readers. 

Smashwords has also granted me many marketing opportunities that allow me to reach as many readers as possible and for this, I am extremely grateful.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I don't think there's ever a time I'm not writing. Seriously, even if I don't have a pen in hand, I'm daydreaming about a hero or plotting a scene in my head. But that's the glory of writing - I'm able to work while I'm poking around antique stores and flea markets or shopping with my friends!
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I personally prefer my Kindle due to the ease of ordering ebooks - I'm an Amazon one-click addict! However, I actually spend more time reading on my smartphone because I'm always on the go. My Kindle app gets quite a workout!

I recently surveyed my Facebook friends and Street Team members and found the Kindle and/or Kindle app to be the most popular.
What do your fans mean to you?
My fans are freaking AWESOME!! This wonderful group of people took a chance on me and haven't left my side since - and for that loyalty, I can never thank them enough. The email messages and Facebook posts I read keep me focused and motivated and feed my desire to succeed!

I have a wonderful Street Team of over 100 members who give their time to help me market and promote my novels. I LOVE my fans!!

Treasure Me (Alpha Four, Book 1):

Reputable fine art broker Sophie Graystone has a knack for acquiring one-of-a-kind artifacts. A seasoned professional, she marches to the beat of her own drum and takes direction from no one.

Lt. Dagan “Rebel” Caldwell, ex-Army Ranger and investigator for Alpha Four, is driven by an iron will to succeed and is talented in the ability to convince others to conform. He soon learns that he has met his match in one certain female.

Assigned to investigate several attempted thefts of Sophie’s paintings, Rebel’s skill and talent are sorely tested when Sophie challenges him at every turn, aggravating and arousing him in the process. Desperate to get his man, Rebel uses her rebellion as a secret weapon, hoping to win her heart in the process.

Treasure Me, Alpha Four Book  1 Excerpt!

At the sound of the voice behind her, Sophie gasped and spun around, her free fist raised and ready to put up a fight, even more shocked at the sight of Rebel standing directly in her line of vision. In the heat of the moment, she wasn’t sure if it was paranoia or extreme fear – not that it mattered which one – but one or the other amped up her adrenaline and pretty much dictated her response. Without warning, her fist connected with his brick wall of a chest.
Not one word left his lips and he stood stoic, obviously not bothered in the least by her attack. Probably because her fist bounced off like a rubber ball. His lips curved into a smirk.
“Easy there, tiger.”
Ignoring his smooth, rich response and thigh-tightening smirk, she stood on her tiptoes, wrapped both hands around his equally-muscled shoulders, and shook him. Never mind that she couldn’t move the mountain in front of her.
“You scared me to death!”
With little effort, he peeled her fingers from his muscle, placed a hand to the small of her back and then led her to an annoying familiar vehicle parked at the curb; so much for avoiding a bodyguard. As if he’d done it a thousand times before, he opened the passenger door and then gestured at the seat.
Although still somewhat shocked by the whole ordeal, she managed to find a tiny bit of resistance. She planted her feet on the curb and raised an eyebrow.
For a few seconds, they both stood stoic, engaged in a silent battle of wills. She had no idea just how stubborn he could be, but she knew her own stamina and had no intention of giving in.
“Get in the car, Sophie.”
Still, she stood immobile, her eyes narrowed, determined to wait him out. For several seconds, they simply stared at each other, gazes locked, each issuing a silent dare. Sophie didn’t care if her eyes caught fire, she would win this showdown. Finally, he released a hard breath.
She gave him what she intended to be a cheeky smile and entered the vehicle. He shook his head, closed the door, and then entered the driver’s side several seconds later.
“Are you always this difficult?”
He chuckled as he drove away from the curb and into traffic. “Where were you headed?”
“To my studio.”
“Normally, the tail needs that information.”
She shrugged. “Normally.”
“Good thing I was up early.”
“You wish. I knew you wouldn’t follow instructions.”
“Really? What gave you that impression?”
“Your father didn’t tell you much about me, did he?”
“Good thing.”
“If the Senator had told you even half of what he knows about me, you wouldn’t have gotten in the truck.”
She swallowed hard – not out of fear like she probably should have, but to keep the twenty or so questions from escaping out of sheer intrigue. Apparently this man had deep dark secrets – ones she wanted very much for him to expose.
“That still doesn’t explain how you claim to have known I wouldn’t follow instructions.”
He moved his head toward the rearview mirror and then turned it to the front windshield. “I was an Army Ranger, a tracker to be exact. I’m trained to read people.” He turned and grinned. “I knew what you planned before you did.”
“Is that so?”
He simply nodded without hesitation, confidence oozing from every pore in his body. Oddly, the arrogance didn’t offend her. Instead, her mouth watered and her breasts tightened to the extent that she was sure her nipples might poke a hole in her blouse. She dabbed the corners of her mouth with her tongue. No sense letting him see her slobber all over him like a rabid dog.
“Okay then, O wise one, what do you suppose I’ll do next?”
He released another of those knee-weakening smirks and suddenly she wanted to kiss it off his face. Press her lips against his and nibble her way all around them until she literally swallowed him whole. As strong as she knew this man to be, there was absolutely no doubt in her mind that his kisses would be hard and dominating. In an attempt at self-control, she folded her arms across her chest and attempted to appear smug.
In what she dubbed an I’m-so-smooth manner, he changed lanes and then parked the vehicle next to a curb. “Now you’ll go inside your studio and explain to your assistant – Robert, if I remember correctly – why Mrs. Vanderbuilt’s painting wasn’t returned to your studio last night as planned.”
She turned and glanced out the passenger window at the scripted lettering on the building there. Treasure Me. Okay so he was exactly right.
She turned and raised an eyebrow. “Aren’t you coming along?”
“I was under the impression you didn’t want a bodyguard.”
“I don’t.” She reached for the door handle and pulled, annoyed when the door wouldn’t budge.
When she lifted her gaze to his and frowned, he snickered and then the click of the locks sounded in the silence.
“Five minutes,” he said.
She opened the door, stepped out and then glanced back at him. “Ten,” she said as she slammed the door on any further response.

Tame Me (Alpha Four, Book 2):

Relaxed, laid-back spa owner Kat Abbott isn't immune to confrontation - being the daughter of a federal judge has taught her not to cower in the face of challenge.

Former Army Ranger, demolitions expert, and member of Alpha Four, Jace "Chaos" Taylor has made it his life's mission to obliterate evil, despite being haunted by shadows of the past.

Thrown together by a madman's vengeance, Kat and Chaos find themselves in unfamiliar territory. Both accustomed to calling the shots, their relationship is complicated, to say the least. Yet, when evil takes the upper hand, the couple must overcome obstacles that threaten to separate them forever.

Watch Me (Alpha Four, Book 3):

Event planner Carley Kensworth lives an extremely structured lifestyle, planning each activity down to the most minute detail. Organization is the name of the game and she refuses to falter.

Sgt. Gage “Ace” Moore, ex-Army Ranger, skilled sniper, and Alpha Four investigator, thrives on living in the moment, content to tackle obstacles as they appear. Intent on untying Carley’s structured strings, he vows to show her the value of spontaneity.

Ace’s patience pays off when Carley finally agrees to break free of her protective shell and do things his way. However, when Carley’s events become victims of sabotage, both structure and spontaneity prove to be the key to saving her reputation and her life.

Humor Me (Alpha Four, Book 4):

Licensed psychologist and relationship expert, Olivia “Liv” Blackwell uses her people skills to orchestrate happily ever afters for her exclusive clients.  Blessed with a natural talent for social grace, she is well-respected and successful.

Retired Army Ranger and founder of Alpha Four, Cpt. Beck “Thunder” Raines has refined the practice of law and order.  Working long hours and under the radar keep him out of the public eye.

Determined to show Thunder the benefit of getting out more, Liv accepts the task of socializing the introverted soldier.  Yet, when an elaborate blackmail scheme turns personal the couple learns a whole new type of social etiquette.

Alpha Four Series
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Stephanie Kepke (Top 10 Favorite Books!)

Stephanie Kepke's

 (Top 10 Favorite Books!)

Top Ten Favorite Books

1. Tending to Virginia by Jill McCorkle

2. Crash Diet by Jill McCorkle

3. Final Vinyl Days by Jill McCorkle (I have to stop at three, but I could I have named more.)

4. A Vocation and A Voice by Kate Chopin

5. The Awakening by Kate Chopin

6. Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich

7. The Mezzanine by Nicholson Baker

8. The Pull of the Moon and The Day I Ate Whatever I Wanted by Elizabeth Berg (tie)

9. Fortune’s Daughter by Alice Hoffman

10. Happy All the Time by Laurie Colwin

An award winning writer and blogger, Stephanie's second grade teacher told her she should be a writer and she hasn't wavered in her path since. In her past life - before kids - Stephanie was an arts reporter and music journalist. She spent her twenties listening to loud rock bands (including her drummer husband's) in bars all around Boston and New England.

She lives in New York on Long Island with her husband, three very active boys and two slightly crazy rescue dogs (one of whom is three-legged). Stephanie lives right in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Long Island Sound and loves to have her toes in the sand. She is a rabid New York Rangers fan. In her limited spare time she loves to watch hockey and yell at the screen like she's the Rangers' coach and they can hear her...

Stephanie's first novel, Goddess of Suburbia, is out now from Booktrope. Suburbia meets scandal as PTA mom, Max Green's,tidy, boring life implodes. As everything Max thought was important falls away, she finally learns to stop living on autopilot and start living authentically, no longer a suburban lemming running towards the cliff of old age. Goddess of Suburbia took first place in the Cleveland Rocks Romance contest in the Mainstream with Romantic Elements category and garnered an Honorable Mention in the Golden Acorn Quick Look Hook contest, also in the Mainstream with Romantic Elements category. It was a finalist in the CTRWA Write Stuff contest in the Mainstream with Romantic Elements category, as well.

Her short story, A New Life, is out now from The Wild Rose Press. A New Life tells the story of new parents Grace and Zach who have drifted apart after the birth of their first child. Will the love they still feel bring them back together? Stephanie's short story You & Me is part of The Wild Rose Press' Candy Hearts Romance series. Do Candy Hearts arriving in Alex Spencer's mailbox mean a second chance with her first love?

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The Rathemaker Magician (Cover Reveal)

The Rathemaker Magician

by, K.L. Horvath

 (Cover Reveal) 

It started with an invitation. A rather elegant invitation with a raised, golden, seal introducing Meredith May to the mysterious, enigmatic, magician Icarus Bell. But when she walked through his front door, Meredith entered a world where magic wasn’t only an illusion. Where a man made of gears was tied to her ill father. Where houses imprisoned people and dragons sprang from tattoos. As she traveled between worlds through the glorious gate known as the “Rathe”, fighting rare creatures, and a witch, Meredith held fast to one thing— returning to Manhattan in 1946 to save her father. And if that included completing three dangerous, impossible tasks in private—while dealing with angels and witches in public, and breaking the curse laid upon Icarus Bell—then that’s what she would do. Because though Meredith has no magic of her own, her determination was the only thing that could save her father, Icarus, and three worlds…
Coming Soon!

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SILENCED- Teaser Trailer

From the #1 international bestselling author of Rise of the Flame and The Chronicles of Koa comes Silenced, a dark paranormal romance novella.

Silence kept her alive.
Magic will set her free.

Willa Avery created the serum that changed the world as humans, witches, and vampires knew it. Sun Serum 99, the cure for a vampire's death by sunlight. Many tried to create it, but it took the magic and science of a Grand Elite Caster to perfect it. Despite the fame and recognition that came with this discovery, the fact remains: Willa was forced by the vampire king of the West to create the one thing she could have used to kill him.

After hiding from the king and his spies for years, she's tired of living in the shadows. She vows to end his reign of terror and return to the man she was stolen from a century ago.

With her two best friends--witches of high rank by her side, and the love of a vampire seeking his freedom, can Willa destroy the king that ruined her life?

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SILENCED (Book Blitz) #silenced #newrelease

Book Blitz

From the #1 international bestselling author of Rise of the Flame and The Chronicles of Koa comes Silenced, a dark paranormal romance novella.

Silence kept her alive.
Magic will set her free.

Willa Avery created the serum that changed the world as humans, witches, and vampires knew it. Sun Serum 99, the cure for a vampire’s death by sunlight. Many tried to create it, but it took the magic and science of a Grand Elite Caster to perfect it. Despite the fame and recognition that came with this discovery, the fact remains: Willa was forced by the vampire king of the West to create the one thing she could have used to kill him.

After hiding from the king and his spies for years, she's tired of living in the shadows. She vows to end his reign of terror and return to the man she was stolen from a century ago.

With her two best friends—witches of high rank by her side, and the love of a vampire seeking his freedom, can Willa destroy the king that ruined her life?

Universal Purchase Link

Exclusive Excerpt:

THE WORLD SEEMED to slow when Willa entered the ballroom. Kristoff’s heart leaped from his chest at the sight of her. His breath was ripped from his chest, as he leaned forward and clutched the banister of the balcony overlooking the dance floor below.

Nothing in the entire world mattered at that moment. His eyes took her all in. She hadn’t aged a day. Every feature that he’d fallen in love with and dreamed about was the same. He was supposed to meet her at the altar. That was a century ago. Now, instead of a white dress, she wore a red one, one that looked stunning on her petite frame.

Kristoff wanted nothing more than to leap from the balcony and go directly to her. He stepped back, into the shadows of the corridor. He couldn’t do that. Not in public. He’d seen Willa’s picture in a magazine for a feature on her discovery of Sun Serum 99. Despite his shock and rage at finding that she had been alive all of that time he thought she was dead, he noted the look in her eyes.

There was no joy. Those blue eyes that used to gaze into his with such love and innocence were lifeless, dark and full of fear.

He had to find out why that was. But not in front of his guests, not with Lukas keeping tabs on him.

Josef waited in his office. He spoke to Kristoff’s new assistant, a middle-aged woman with a no-nonsense look about her. Her drab, yet well-tailored gray pantsuit, and blunt cut shoulder length brown hair served to enhance her professional persona.

That’s what he needed. Just an assistant. Not another moody lover.

“Kathy,” he called to her.

She looked up, adjusting her glasses. “Sir. Did you need something? We were just going over the schedule for the Vampire Nation Assembly next month.”

“I just need a moment in private with Josef. He’ll come to you when we are done.”

She nodded. “Of course. Just let me know if you need anything. I’ll be in my office.”

Kristoff nodded and waited for her to walk past him and leave the room. Closing the door, his attention went to Josef, his best friend since the dark days of his transformation. Kristoff was lucky that the Vampire Nation was so welcoming of such a lost newcomer. Now, he was the most famous vampire on the planet.

“She’s here,” he said, almost unbelieving of his words.

His eyes widened at the weight they held. He hadn’t been so nervous in ages. Running his hand through his brown hair, he sat down on the leather sofa against the wall beneath the large window that looked out into the woods behind his backyard.

“That’s good news, sir. Isn’t it? She is the woman you were looking for, correct?”

Josef’s soothing voice was what Kristoff needed. No. Willa Avery was what he really needed. There was still a banquet dinner, speeches, and dancing ahead of them, but Kristoff didn’t want to wait any longer.

Looking up at Josef, Kristoff pulled at his tie, loosening it. “Yes. And it’s exquisite news. I almost didn’t believe it was her when I saw that story in the magazine. Seeing her is like seeing a ghost.”

“A beautiful ghost,” Josef added, with a lop-sided grin.

“Hey,” Kristoff said, giving Josef a look. “Look, but don’t touch.”

Chuckling, Josef nodded. “Of course not, sir.”

“Bring her to me.” Kristoff swallowed. This was it. The moment he’d only dreamed about. “Please.”

Josef nodded and gave a quick bow. “Of course. Is there anything else?”

“Make sure her guests are taken care of,” he said. “They are Grand Elite Caster’s, just like Willa. Don’t anger either of them…especially the tall one.”

Josef raised a brow. “Oh. Is she special?”

Kristoff chuckled. Memories of witnessing Zoe’s power ripping through the town when Willa went missing came back to him. “That would be an understatement.”

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Review Highlights:
"I could not put it down and quickly fell in love with her Casters and the vampire world and solution she created for them (no spoilers). There was romance, tension, humor, fantasy elements, and of course, blood and gore. All the great stuff of Lee's writing. This is a great, fast read that will have you begging for the next installment."- CM Albert- The Grammar Babe, Author of Faith in Love. 

“Fun read based on a world filled with vampires and witches! What a combination! Loved the characters and plot. Highly recommend. Another great story by K.N Lee.”- G. Amazon Reviewer
“This is a fun novella. Reminded me a little of Jessica Jones/comic book fare! The main character was traumatized by a man (in this case, vampire) who was in his own disturbing way in love with her and was able to control her and use her powers for evil. Add in immortality, the mainstreaming of witches and vampires, and it's a great start. My one complaint is that the book ended too soon! I know there is so much more coming in this story, waiting for part two!”-Eli. Amazon Reviewer


K.N. Lee is an award-winning author who resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. When she is not writing twisted tales, fantasy novels, and dark poetry, she does a great deal of traveling and promotes other authors. Wannabe rockstar, foreign language enthusiast, and anime geek, K.N. Lee also enjoys helping others reach their writing and publishing goals. She is a winner of the Elevate Lifestyle Top 30 Under 30 "Future Leaders of Charlotte" award for her success as a writer, business owner, and for community service.

She is signed with BookTrope and Patchwork Press.

K.N. Lee loves hearing from fans and readers. Connect with her!

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