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Enchanted Winter (Chapter 2)

Enchanted Winter
Chapter 2


From his barred window, Alexi watched as the manor fell into chaos. He frowned at the spectacle and drank another sip of his wine. Master Blakeney paced the courtyard just as the sun was setting. Everything was left in its orange and pink glow. 
Now, the humans were safe to come out.
Alexi chuckled when he saw Master Blakeney slap Fern, his oldest daughter. He shook his head and laughed to himself. If anyone deserved a good slap, it was Fern.
Alexi couldn’t keep count of how many times he’s seen Fern starve her personal slaves, or make them stand on their bare hands and knees on uncooked rice. Sometimes she’d make them strip in front of her annoying guests, and whip them. Just for fun. 
Alexi would never hit a girl himself, but his sister deserved it.
He grimaced. 
Fern wasn’t his real sister. They shared a father, but that was where their ties ended. Alexi wouldn’t even consider himself a lord in the house of Blakeney.
He was an illegitimate heir, son to one of the slaves. He wasn’t sure which one was his mother. He assumed she’d been forced to keep quiet about it. The only reason Alexi was alive was because he’d inherited a few of the rarer Morai skills. Alexi would never be master of the manor and he liked it that way.
Alexi tapped the bars on his window. “I’m as much a slave as the rest of them,” he murmured. “A slave with privileges, but a slave no less.”
There came a loud banging on his door. Alexi cursed under his breath. He closed his eyes and cracked his neck.
“What?” He was already agitated. The sun hadn’t even completely fallen yet, and they were already bothering him to greet the new night.
“Master wants you.”
Alexi recognized the voice. “Tell him I’m still sleeping, Kel.”
            Kel cleared his throat. “I’m sorry, but he insists that you come to him right away.”
Alexi came to his feet. He picked up his sundial and slipped his wrist into its golden bracelet. Twelve hours until the sun rose again. That didn’t matter much to him, though; he wasn’t as sensitive to the sun as the humans. Alexi was after all, a mixed breed.
Alexi glanced at the mirror before he turned the knob. His black hair was messy. He smiled. It was just the way he liked it. He was sure father would not approve.
Perfect, he thought and gave his reflection a wink.
The moment he opened the large, wooden, door, Kel stepped back and bowed low.
Alexi rolled his eyes. “Stop doing that.”
Kel looked up with one silver eye; the other was covered by a black patch. The slave’s white hair was shaved very short. Kel was an old enough to be Alexi’s grandfather. Sometimes Alexi thought of his as just that.
He gave the old Morai a nod. “So, what’s all of the fuss about?” Alexi leaned against the closed door.
Kel’s eyes widened. Bushy white eyebrows rose, and he lowered his voice. He leaned in closer to Alexi. “One of the slaves escaped today on a tetra.”
Alexi nodded. “Impressive.” A tetra wouldn’t let just anyone ride it. He grinned to himself. It wouldn’t even let his stepmother, Lady Cecily ride it. She kept it just for show so that her chattering friends would see just how wealthy the Blakeney line was.
Kel shook his head. The frown lines in his bronze skin deepened. “No it’s not. It’s stupid. That girl is going to get us all killed.”
Alexi lifted a brow. He was even more interested now. “A girl? Which one?”
Kel started to answer when a torch man sped past them. Alexi watched the teen run by and his interest was turned to something new. The house darkened as the black moon replaced the sun. 
 Starting down the hall, Alexi's eyes could see everything, even though the torchmen were in a hurry to light the candles and torches.
Electricity no longer existed. Alexi had read about it but had never actually seen anything powered by electricity. Maybe one day the humans would be able to bring it back, but that seemed unlikely. The Earth was no longer as generous as it once was.
He frowned at how noisy it was. People were shouting, thundering footsteps echoed throughout the halls, and bells starting clinging outside the manor's stone walls. 
Everyone was in a fit of worry and fear. 
“What is going on?” Alexi looked around in confusion. Why is one slaves escape such a big deal?
Alexi turned the corner of the dark hall and was greeted by a hall filled with lit torches along its walls. Two house maids dressed in red skirts, black tights, and white collared shirts, walked past him. They lifted their silver eyed gazes and gave him weak smiles. 
Alexi was really worried then. Those two would usually flash their most charming smiles, hoping that one day they’d gain his favor and become a mistress.
Alexi would never dare to have a mistress. He didn’t even want to get married. He just wanted to be free from the manor and explore the Wild Lands on his own someday.
The further he walked down the hall, the louder his father’s shouting became. He cringed before he even opened the large wooden doors that led out of the manor and into the main courtyard. He looked around and noticed for the first time that everyone had stopped what they were doing.
Alexi frowned. They were all watching him, whispering, trying to act as if they weren’t staring. Even Trey, his younger brother was watching him from the top of the main spiral stairs. His brown eyes stared at him without shame. He had a smug smile on his pale white face. 
Alexi grimaced. At seventeen, Trey had already taken after their father in more ways than one.
Trey was the heir to the manor. He was the son of father and Lady Cecily. Full human.
Alexi was nearly twenty and already knew what his life held. It was all planned out. He’d be sent to the royal military, where they could use his skills in the war against the Old World.
Alexi finally opened the door and stepped out into the frigid night air.
            “Lovely night, isn’t it?” Alexi asked his father.
            Master Blakeney glared over at him. He wore a huge bear skinned coat lined with wolf’s fur. His narrow brown eyes seemed to cut holes into Alexi’s body. 
           Alexi didn’t flinch. He was used to being looked at that way. But there was one thing he had over his father. His father could not ever really hurt him.
Deep down inside, Alexi knew that father was afraid of him. He kept that knowledge secret and would use it whenever he had the chance to escape. He couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face though. His silver eyes darkened at his little secret.
“What took you so long,” Master Blakeney growled.
Alexi shrugged. “I’m not much of a night person.”
“I don’t care. You come when called. Is that understood, boy?”
Alexi felt his face heat, but he kept his smile up. “Understood.”
They shared a long glare and finally Master Blakeney looked away. He stroked his bushy black beard and stared off at the portrait of Winter that he had done just last May. Alexi could tell that his father lusted after that girl, but she could not be touched.
Alexi cringed at the thought of that poor girl having to sleep in the same bed as his father every night. He knew that after a while that would not be enough and father might break one of the rules set by the treaty.
“Tell Sworv I’m sending Alexi along with his men.”
Alexi raised a brow. “What?”
Master Blakeney was the one to smile now. “Time to prove yourself to the manor. I want you to go with the trackers to find my Winter.”
Alexi felt his face pale then. He tensed and turned cold. He was sure that all of the color had drained from his olive skin. 
“Winter,” he breathed. He realized his mistake and pursed his lips. His father gave him a suspicious look and Nik looked away to avoid his raptor like stare.
“What do you know?”
Alexi quickly shook his head. “I know nothing.” He knew that Winter was his father’s favorite toy and that if she was missing, that the fate of the entire manor was at stake. He knew that if Winter made it to the Old World, that New Genesis would lose the war.
He shifted his eyes to the ground. His heart raced. Alexi knew too much. Most of all, he knew that there was something special about Winter. It wasn’t her beauty, or her charms. She belonged to the Old World, and her father had been keeping her as a hostage.
            Alexi’s eyes shot up. Winter was the only reason the humans were not dead.
            He straightened his shoulders and held his chin up. He had a look of determination on his face that made his father stand up straighter and narrow his eyes at him.
            “I’ll go,” Alexi said. “I’ll bring her back to you.”          

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Empty Your Heart!! Poetry Collection by, K.N. Lee!!

Empty your heart
And make room for me
I'd fight hordes and armies
Cross deserts and black seas
Become a slave to your will
With no will to be free

I'd like to haunt your dreams
While I sparkle and gleam
Wedge into your subconscious
Sprinkle love dust
And liquid lust

I'd wiggle in
Find a slot in your memory
For all I want
Is for you...
To remember me

Thirty poems of love, loss, and yearning. Empty your heart...

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The Chronicles of Koa **Blog Tour Schedule**

The time has arrived! 
An official blog tour for the fantasy novel, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld. 
Trust me, you DO NOT want to miss this. I'm giving away signed copies of the book, Koa key chains, and Koa notepads! This is going to be so much fun! Not only am I giving away prizes, but at each stop, I will reveal something amazing. There will be interviews, top secret "leaked files," exclusive excerpts from The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld, and a never-before-seen excerpt from Lyrinian Blade (The Chronicles of Koa #2!!) Whoa! Even I'm excited! See you there!

My Soul is Crying- a poem

My Soul is Crying
K.N. Lee

My soul is crying
For my heart is ill
The pillow is soaked
With salty tears
My heart is swollen 
With poison
My cries echo
And fill my ears

A lonely walk 
May clear my head
Maybe I'll forget
The empty house
And empty bed
Butterflies swirl
Like splotches of colored hope
Fresh air fills my lungs
I force my feet forward
And desperately try to cope

A garden awaits
One of calm
And beauty
A low hum
And a swift breeze
As a fragrant perfume
Floats through the trees
To my knees
I clasp hands in prayer
Beg for release

I fall back 
Into a bed of red roses
The vines wrap themselves 
Around my limbs
The thorns sting
And cut my face
Like knives

I bleed

And I smile
Sing sweet songs
In painful bliss
Though bleeding and broken
It doesn't compare to such pain
As this...

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Dream Big- an inspiring poem

Dream Big
K.N. Lee

Dream big 
And aim high
These are words that I live by
I'll work hard
And cry
But my dreams
Will never die

This May I published my debut novel, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld and set my sights on attending the World Fantasy Con in Brighton, UK. During the months leading to this convention, I worked hard promoting my book on social media networks as well as the books of fellow indie authors. I shared my struggles and triumphs, and above all, I continued to write. 

Through the generosity of fans, family, and friends, I am halfway to reaching my goal. My gratitude has no bounds and I have rewarded each person that has shown their support. 

Please take a moment to view my tour page and if you feel inclined, share, tweet, or donate! Thank you! You will always be in my heart!

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Journey to Aviad!! Book Blast!!

Journey to Aviad
Journey to Aviad Description:
Threatening clouds and fierce storms besiege the city of Tyroc. More frequent and powerful than ordinary storms, young Elowyn, a weaver’s daughter living in the outskirts of the city, senses something disturbing and unnatural about them. She soon realizes that the storms are but a warning sign of much more frightening things yet to come. 

Terrifying wolf-like creatures emerge from the depths of the wilderness at the bidding of a dark master. His name found only among the crumbling pages of ancient texts, the re-appearance of Alazoth and his Hounds is a dark omen for the people of Tyroc and beyond. Only legends remain of the heroes and prophets whose blood was shed ages ago to banish him into the abyss, which should have remained his prison for all time. How he has been released is a mystery, but all the old stories agree that death and destruction are sure to follow. 

With the Hounds inching closer each day, the city of Tyroc caught up in religious and political turmoil, and her home life no less turbulent, Elowyn has nothing left to rely on but her meager courage and a budding faith in Aviad, the Creator. She and her sister, Morganne, set out on a remarkable journey that challenges everything they have ever known about themselves, the world, and the path that Aviad has laid out for them.

Reviews readers have posted on Amazon—you can choose whichever you like.
Wonderful Book! 
This book was almost impossible to put down after the first page. The characters are so in-depth that you feel you know them as few books have been able to capture. The second book can not come too fast for me.

Great Christian Fantasy
From the very first pages I could tell Reid is a very talented writer. I was intrigued and right from the start felt a sense of foreboding and concern for the main Character Elowyn thanks to Reid's remarkable writing skills. This is apparently first in a series and even though I'm not a huge fantasy fan - this was a wonderful tale of intrigue, danger and predatory evil. I'm looking forward to the next in the series as Reid certainly hooked me into wanting to know what becomes of her travelers who felt compelled, almost forced, to go on their journey. I really liked it, and withheld a five star rating only because I use that for my all-time favorite classics or other such books such as "Pride and Prejudice", "Gone With the Wind", some books by Francine Rivers and early Ted Dekker books etc. But even though the four stars indicate "I like it' I actually REALLY liked it.
Carol V. "cjv" (Michigan)

A Superb Read
Allison Reid's Journey to Aviad is a superb read. I have never been much of a fan of medieval-framed fantasy, but Reid's lush and poetic use of language hooked me right out of the gate. Reid's strong female characters and quickening plot pulled me into the story, and I felt like I was next to Elowyn and Morganne on their journey to enlightenment and freedom. The strong spiritual overtones thickened the story line, and engaged me further. Steven Spielberg, get yourself a good screenwriter. This baby's a winner! I can't wait for the sequel.

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Can You See It? -a poem

The way to paradise
Is through this door
Close your eyes
Say a prayer
Open them
And we shall explore
A world of green
And blue
Lush landscapes
All to woo you

Are you ready?

Can you see it?

Inside your mind 
Is a realm untainted
Full of the visions 
And dreams
Your imagination has painted

You shouldn't fear
What adventures await
The mysteries
This place is freedom
Your sanctuary 
Your escape 

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Enchanted Winter (Chapter 1)

Enchanted Winter:

The Tale of the Morai
K.N. Lee

Chapter 1

Winter smiled, but her heart pounded inside her chest.
Be brave, Winter thought as fear threatened to cripple her. 
"Thanks, Finn.” The sun warmed her cold cheeks as she smoothed her hand over soft, white, fur. Winter straddled the young tetra. She leaned over and kissed the back of his head. "I always knew Dancer would like me."
Finn returned the smile and gave Dancer a pat. Dancer purred and lowered its head into Finn’s hand for a treat. Finn gave it an orange morsel.
"Name one person that doesn't like you, Winter."
Winter tilted her head and looked over Finn's shoulder. No one was around, except for the other slaves. While some tended the gardens and hung freshly washed clothes from lines, others entered the underground farm to milk the cows and gather eggs from subterranean hens.
“Give her a ride, but take it easy. Master Blakeney will have my head if he finds out you rode one of Lady Cecily’s tetras.”
Winter’s smile turned into a sneaky grin. “Well, we must make sure he doesn’t find out then.”
Finn held his hand up to keep the bright sun out of his eyes. He glanced at her with his brows furrowed. The silver of his eyes sparkled even as he narrowed them at her.      
“What’s gotten into you?”
Winter pulled a strand of white hair from her eyelashes and tucked it behind her ear. Her hands were shaking. She had to hide her anxiety from her closest friend. She forced a smile and shrugged. 
“What do you mean?”
Finn looked around and back at her. “You’re all adventurous today. What happened to the shy, paranoid, girl I thought I knew? You're out here petting tetra's when normally you'd be too afraid to come outside without an escort. Something is up.” 
Finn peered at her. He tilted her chin with his index finger. His touch was cold, just like her.
Winter shook her head. She wasn’t prepared to answer his question. She knew he was in love with her. Such a notion was obvious. Finn had her name etched onto his skin. No other girl would have him. Perhaps she could have accepted his offer for marriage in the Old World, but not in this one.
Winter felt guilty for using him. He would get a lashing once the master found out that he had let one of his favorite house slaves run off with one of the only tetras on the manor grounds.
Winter felt a wash of fear overcome her. Like tiny knives, alarm filled her entire body. She held her breath. 
Her smile faded into a look of worry.
It wasn’t the tetra that Master Blakeney would miss.
Winter looked down at Finn. His silver eyes stared at her with suspicion. His eyes were the same shade as her own. They could have been siblings, but he was much taller.  His white hair blew with the warm summer breeze.
Winter knew she couldn't hide the truth from him. He knew her too well. They'd spent months together during the Exodus, and he knew her every secret. Well, at least he thought he did.
Winter shook her head, tears burning her eyes.
Finn began to realize what was really happening. He saw the apology in her face. He held the reigns and gasped.
“Winter,” he breathed her name with panic. “Don’t do it!”
Winter didn’t have a choice. The tears flowed freely now. “Step back, Finn.”
She kicked the tetra in the side. It opened its wings, kicked off the solid brown ground and ran in mighty leaps that took them into the sky.
"I'm sorry!"
Finn fell backwards at the sudden burst of wind the tetra stirred up. Dancer sped from the farm, hopped over the steel fence, and took flight.
Winter glanced over her shoulder and down at Finn. He was still on his bottom as he looked up at the flying tetra and the girl he thought he knew. 
     Winter winced.  
     No one really knows me at all
     No one knew the secrets she kept or the plan she had been devising for as long as she'd been forced into slavery.
 The adrenaline filled her belly making her hold onto the reigns so tightly that her palms began to bleed. Winter sucked in a breath. Her own white wings were pulled back, useless. One day...she would fly again. She was determined.
The tears streamed down her face now. Tears so cold that they made her cheeks sting. Winter hoped Finn wouldn't be too severely punished. She hoped that when the sun went down, and the humans woke up that they wouldn’t notice the missing tetra until Finn had escaped as well.
Winter shuddered. She knew that Finn was too afraid to leave. He would be there, waiting for his lashings. 
The poor, obedient, fool, Winter thought.
 She sobbed and leaned into the tetra's sparkling silver white. She could hear its heart beating, loud, but steady. Her stomach twisted into knots. 
She was free. 
She was alone.
Winter looked up at the red sun and wept silver tears. They trailed down her bronze skin, leaving white marks on her smooth cheeks. No slave had ever escaped before. She would be hunted down, and probably killed, but she didn’t have a choice.
The red rays beamed down on her face and she directed the tetra higher into the clouds. Her white hair whipped around her body like long ribbons. She felt safer in the clouds. They gave her a place to hide while she tried to figure out where to go next. 
Mama had told her about the Old World. The Old World was said to be a lush land full of magic...and danger. Winter didn't care. It was her home.
Separated from New Genesis by the Wild Lands and the sea, Winter knew that was where she needed to go.
She looked down at her sun dial. The gold sparkled and revealed a glow that warmed her face. There were at least nine more hours until the humans woke up. 
The sun was too bright for their weak bodies. She figured that was enough time to gain a lead on Master Blakeney’s guards.
The manor would be in chaos once they found a slave had escaped.
Winter couldn't help but grin then, even though she feared for her life and that of Finn's. She imagined the look on Master Blakeney’s face. His favorite toy had finally outsmarted him. 
Winter hadn’t drank the potion the night before. He expected her to still be in bed with him, but no, Winter had one of the kitchen slaves to replace her potion with seltzer.
Winter thanked Yeltza for helping her. Mama had always said that slaves must help each other, but she knew that most of them would hate her for escaping. They were too afraid to escape. Most of them had never been outside of the manor’s walls.
But Winter knew there was another world out there. A better world. Mama hadn’t been born a slave.
Until the age of four, Winter and her mama lived freely, in the forest. The night they were captured changed everything. 
  Winter’s people were no longer free. The humans found her ancient race after their world had split. The spirit realm mixed with the living, and the enchanted folk of Morai were discovered. 
  The secret world of the Morai had been exposed, and the humans, with their technology, guns, and potions took control of the weaker race.
Winter thought of how her people had lost most of their powers when they were exposed to the humans and their diseases. She vaguely remembered a time of peace.
Winter patted Dancer on the head. She could smell a hint of the sea. Her eyes brightened. She was so close.
 “Good boy," Winter purred. "Just keep up above the clouds and we’ll be all right.”
The tetra hummed. She smiled. That humming sound meant that the tetra understood. It was nice to have someone agree with her for a change.
The air was cold at that altitude, but Winter didn’t mind. She welcomed something other than the blazing hot sun. Her bronze skin glistened under its light.
Winter closed her eyes and outstretched her arms as the tetra soared through the sky. Her smile widened until her white teeth gleamed. She threw her head back and let her hair fly.
“Freedom,” she squealed with delight. “How divine it is to be free!”  
Winter grinned. She touched her neck. The color drained from her face. Somehow, someone had shot a dart into her neck.
"Fly faster,” she said to Dancer. The moment she said those words a shock was sent into her neck and she barely had a chance to cry out from the intense pain. She closed her eyes as her body slipped from Dancer’s back, and began the long descent to the harsh rocky terrain of the Wild Lands.

To be continued...

A thrilling tale of magic, betrayal, and a fantasy world you've never seen.

Winter is a Morai, an ancient race with fairies and nymphs as ancestors. After the humans entered their world and enslaved them, the Morai faced the endangerment of their species. Winter is the only one that can save her people...but will the son of her former master be her ally, or her enemy?