Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A review of Energize, a sci-fi novel.

Book Description:

June 6, 2013

Daniel Quinn, captain and insignificant mercenary, has discovered a secret. Somewhere among the stars there exists an energy source once thought to be myth. Attempting to sell the information for riches, Daniel is cornered by very dangerous people and is forced to travel to an unknown location and retrieve it. In order to find what he’s looking for, Daniel will have to overcome his fears, escape from his pursuers, and explore a mysterious planet. But as he learns more about the energy source he was sent to collect, he will find this job is not so easily accomplished, and the path he chooses will not only be the difference between honor and disgrace, but life and death.

My Review:
Energize follows the adventures of Daniel Quinn, a wanted man that happens to have his own ship with a pretty sophisticated artificial intelligence of its own. This is Thomas Ray Manning's first sci-fi novel and you'd never guess it! The character development was strong, the plot was interesting and suspenseful, and the dialogue was surprisingly crisp and witty. I really enjoyed Manning's set up of an entire new world unknown to human man. The culture, appearance, and even the way the natives communicated was a fun discovery. I'd recommend this novel to any sci-fi fan. There was just enough, description, action, and tension to keep me entertained.