Friday, September 6, 2013

Little Beauty- A Poem

Little Beauty
K.N. Lee

Little beauty
With songs
Too tired of giving
Too tired of living
Threatens to say goodbye
Without a thought 
Of those left behind

Think of their pain

What will you gain?

A cowards escape
Is your biggest mistake
While loved ones grieve
Beat your coffin with despair
Why would you leave?
It just isn't fair

Little Beauty
Life is hard
We all know its true
Trust me
We do!
The struggles
The failure
The heartbreak
And pain
Can sometimes be too much
It's a constant battle 
To stay sane

It sounds so easy
To run away
To hide
You just want to 
Find a hole to snuggle into
And cry 
Or die...

I wish I was there 
To hold your sweet face
Wipe those bitter tears
And find a smile to replace
That cry of agony 
That fills your soul like a blade
Look at me
Trust me
This pain will fade!

Each new morning 
When you open your eyes 
To the beauty of the sun
Remember that this is a gift
Your creator made you well
Don't throw away such an honor
Go on
You have stories to tell!

Given without expectations
Or a fee 
Life is free
Your life is precious 
You are loved
Little beauty

**For a little beauty I know. Stay strong. You are loved**
-K.N. Lee