Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Old Mcdonald by, Andrew Saxsma! Book Blast!

Old Mcdonald
Andrew Saxsma
 Farmer Gene Gibbs should have gone with his gut instead of
 his wallet when he purchased his farm's newest livestock. 
Guaranteed to be 99.9% like the 'real' thing, Gene quickly 
learns just what that margin of error costs...and it just might
 be his life.

Are you ready for the farm from hell?

When Old McDonald begins, Gene is in the kitchen making chili. He is afraid of what is hiding in his barn. Something horrible is out there, and he is afraid that it will break into the house. Whatever it is has already seriously injured his wife.

I am a huge fan of horror stories, and this one was great. My curiosity was dying to know what was going on just from reading the description of the book. Once I started, the questions kept piling up in my brain with every page I read. I'm not sure that I would have ever wanted to own cloned livestock before, but now I know I never will.

The main character is one determined man who will go through anything to save his wife. He goes through hell attempting to get medical help for her, and I believe his love for her is what enables him to survive.

The non-stop action, vivid descriptions, and nail-biting suspense were so great that I kept reading even when I exercised on my elliptical machine. I couldn't bear to put my Kindle down.
The opening two pages.... yeah, wow. Well played, Mr. Saxsma, well played.

Openings are make-or-break for storytelling, grab your reader - or audience - and hold on. Andrew Sawsma nails his opening of Old McDonald. The use of pretty prose, in the opening paragraphs, paints such a lovely image of a man cooking. Home, food, and family; it's peaceful and safe...then...

Things. Get. Creepy.

It's not a kick-the-doors-in-guns-blazing change of tempo but rather a slow boil of something off. Creepy, creepy questions start burning into your mind. "Who and what are they?" "What's with the, near comatose, people in the living room?" "The wife is dying?....what the hell is going on?"

Soon it's one thing after another. I mean it. This is a calculated prize fight with the grit of a street brawl. Hit after hit, relentless. I found myself at the point I was begging that the characters would get a lucky break; a moment to catcher their breath. Like that annoying guy at the theater, I was screaming at the characters, "Don't..."... I'm not going to tell you, what they shouldn't have been doing, You'll just have to read it yourselves.