Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Spell Gone Awry- Creative writing prompt


The spell went horribly wrong! Who is this woman? What spell did she try to cast? What happens now?

Response by Mindy Springer:

Mindy Springer  
The toad is her son. He had a terminal disease and in her effort to save him from death she wrote and performed a spell to cure him. Little did she know that the herbalist who sold her what should have been the powder of a unicorns horn sold her the powered bones of toads because she could not find the elusive creature. 
She wears the poison earrings to remind herself of her folly because she is loosing her memory. Her love for her son prevents her from wishing for death in order to care for him, she is still on a mission to acquire the Sorcerer's stone to prolog her life until he passes this world and frees her to die. as atonement for not being able to reverse the spell she placed on him. 
Sadly, had she given her life in return for his he would have been instantly transformed. Her son knows the truth, but out of love for his mother, he sacrifices the life of a human to spare her life... 

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Voices Echo- a poem

Voices Echo
K.N. Lee

Voices echo inside my head
As I watch him sleep 
In my bed
He's a beautiful creature 
So pale and white
His best feature
Is his will and might 

He's no longer real...
But I see him
I feel him
As a hand reaches out to caress his face
His blue eyes open
And he comes closer...
For a taste
Of my innocent beauty
Pure heart 
And soul
This figment of my imagination 
Swallows me whole
It consumes
And dooms me
To an eternity 
Of lonesome 

My love is dead
His shadow cries
 I sorely dread
The pain in his eyes

Thinking of
A life without him
Looking up
The stars seem so dim

He cannot be free
His love
Will linger with me

I say, "Go!"
With salty tears 
Then, he'll know 

Our time has ended...
This doomed love suspended 


I join him...
On a red-hot bloody whim
Sharp knife
And purple-pulsing vein
Death with him
Is better than a life of this pain

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Mysterious Lady of the Lady- Writing Prompt

The mysterious lady of the lake needs your help. A sorcerer has poisoned the waters of her home. But you are not sure which of them is truly the evil one... How do you find out?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wall of Stone- a poem

Wall of Stone
K.N. Lee

I'll build it up
A wall of stone
No one can seep inside

He'll knock on the door
Call out my name
Behind the wall I'll hide

Tears may fall
This is my wall

It shelters my heart 
Steadies loves quake
It keeps me safe
So that my tender heart...
Will never break

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Whispers- a poem

K.N. Lee

Whispers of soft, sweet, words  
Eyes speak of love unheard
Heart melts in silent bliss
My lips yearn for your kiss 

If you could take me far from here
I would go willingly without fear
Hand in hand
We'll face the sun
Our love is resilient 
We fought 
We won
They cheer for wreckage
To peace 
We'll run 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sample of the horror collection, Thicker Than Blood!

I decided to give you all a gift! Here is a little sample of my horror collection, Thicker Than Blood! Below you will find a short selection from each story, and a link to purchase it on Amazon for only $1.99!

-K.N. Lee 


Book Description:

Thicker Than Blood
Phoebe and Tara are twins. When Tara is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she and her sister decide to take a journey together. Fear, discovery, and death await. But is death what it seems?

Where is Katie?
Emily is a little girl that lives with her mother and father. Why does she live in a room that is locked, boarded closed, and kept from other children? This little girl is not what she seems...

The Galloway Lake
There are rumors that the Galloway Lake is haunted. Tanya wakes up to find herself drowning in it. Can she survive this horrific night?



Part One

Another nightmare was interrupted by the screams. Phoebe squeezed her eyes shut to block out the faint cries she heard echoing down the hallway.
Like a ghost those cries haunted her.
They kept her awake for hours every night. Dark circles had begun to form beneath her large blue eyes. Her skin was already pale enough.
Phoebe didn’t need such blemishes tainting her plain looks.
“Phoebe,” the voice screeched.
There were moans of pain and Phoebe finally sat up. She grumbled and glared at her door. The only traces of light in her room were that of the moonlight spilling through the maroon drapes of her large bay window.
This was the room she had grown up in.
Twenty years old and still living at home. Most college students would have jumped at the chance to move out into the dorms and fully experience college life.
Not Phoebe. She feared she’d be stuck in that old, creaky, house forever. She grimaced. 

The bitterness of her life was almost too much to bear.
Her parents had been dead for two years now. So, there was plenty of privacy for Phoebe and her dying twin sister.
She yawned and tried to motivate herself. She needed to go and check on her sister. No one else was around to help. All things rested on Phoebe’s shoulders now.
Angrily, she ripped the covers off of her body and stepped onto the cold wood floor.
“It would have been convenient to have my slippers near the bed and not beside the door,” she said to herself. She found herself talking to herself more and more each day. It was all she had to keep herself sane. She could no longer stomach the sight of her sister.
Phoebe felt her hair stand on end. Her sister’s horrified cry made her suck in a cold breath. She hurried and threw her cotton robe on to keep out the icy wind that swept in through her window. The drapes danced with the howling of the wind and her head snapped towards the bedroom door.
She stood there and waited, hoping that the cries would end. She didn’t want to go.
“Phoebe!” Tara, her twin sister screamed.
Phoebe had grown used to her sister’s cries of pain and sorrow, but this time, there was something new in her voice. She took off towards the door knob, disregarding the slippers that waited for her.
She swung the door open and ran into the dark hallway. Her guilt for keeping her sister in the room farthest away from hers overwhelmed her as she ran as fast as her thin legs would take her. Her footsteps pounded on the floorboards like a drum and she nearly slammed into Tara’s closed door.
Phoebe snatched the door open and looked around. The darkness smothered her and the smell of blood overwhelmed her nostrils. Sweat and blood mixed to such a degree that made her nauseous.
“Tara?” Phoebe’s hand searched for the light switch. Her fingertips finally found the switch and the flood of light blinded both of them. As she squinted, Phoebe’s hand went to her mouth in utter terror when she saw the blood staining her sisters gown.



Emily sat on her four post bed. She clutched her doll to her chest, and listened. Angry shouts filled the small house. She stared at her door with a blank look on her pale face. 
The door was boarded closed, locked from the outside, and chained. She heard her mother’s screams vibrating through the house. Her mother pleaded for her father to stop.
Emily jumped when she heard something crash. The screaming stopped. She leaned forward on her bed, held her breath, and listened.
“Mama,” she whispered. No one replied.
Emily sighed and picked up one of her dolls from her collection. Her room was incredibly clean, except for the mold that grew on her ceiling. Her bookcase was filled with old used paperbacks and broken toys. All of Emily’s porcelain dolls were stacked neatly on her bed.
She held up her newest doll and smiled. Her face was beautiful. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, such a contrast from Emily’s black hair and brown eyes. She clutched the doll to her chest and listened. She heard loud footsteps on the creaking floorboards outside her room.
Emily could smell him. Her father had been drinking. He paused outside of her door and she tensed. She could hear him breathing. She stared at the door knob waiting for him to turn it, but knew that he never would. She hadn’t seen her father’s face in years, nor her mothers. The footsteps continued down the hallway and she heard a door slam.
Emily hopped off her bed and ran to the window. She caught the back of his balding head as he got into his red pickup truck and sped down the rocky driveway, headed towards town.
She stood there for a moment and watched the truck go up the hill and turn right onto the country roads. The grass and weeds were so high in the yard that it looked to Emily like a jungle.
She opened her window to a hot breeze.
Emily climbed to the ground, holding her dolls tiny arm. She had on her backpack. It was old and falling apart. She had stapled the straps back together and had sewn the zipper back in place. She began the long walk to the school in silence. She hummed to herself and to the doll and swung her along as she strolled up the driveway.
Emily kicked rocks and gravel as she walked along. She blew the hot dust from before her.
She heard the door open behind her. Emily paused and looked over her shoulder. She was surprised to see her mother standing in the doorway, staring at her.
Emily thought she was dead. She guessed she had simply been knocked out for a time. The frail, short woman stood there with blood dripping from her head and onto her apron.
Emily squinted; she couldn’t make out the expression on her face. Then, the door was slammed shut. Without a word. Emily turned on her heels and continued her trek.
What did she expect? She was almost seven years old and her mother and father hadn’t spoken a word to her in two years. She didn’t forget their voices. She couldn’t. Her mother and father argued every day.
Emily spent all of her time alone in her room or playing in the countryside. School was an illusion. She would sit outside in a tree and watch the children play.
Maybe once in a while a child her age would approach her and she would convince them to come and play. Such moments were rare, but they were what Emily lived for.
She continued to kick rocks with her dusty black shoes. She hummed and sang to herself, songs that her mother used to sing when she was smaller, when she was still loved.
Birds flew above and she smiled, imagining that they were singing along with her. She remembered seeing a movie once. There was a beautiful girl with golden hair in the film. She sang outside her window, and the birds and critters of the forest sang along and played with her as if they were friends.
That vision stuck in her mind. One day, perhaps, she could be like that girl in the movie.
Emily skipped with her eyes closed, feeling the sun warm her cold cheeks. She was always cold. She imagined a beautiful world behind her eyelids and smiled.
Her smile faded when her stomach growled. It was a deep, gnawing nag within the pit of her stomach. Her stomach twisted upon itself, begging for food.
Emily continued skipping. She could always steal an apple from Farmer Mac’s garden. He never caught her. She thought he saw her one day, but he never said a word to her. 
Perhaps they had an unspoken understanding.
Emily was broken from her thoughts when she heard a car approach. She moved aside when the rumbling grew louder behind her.
Emily skidded to a stop just as the car did.
Her face paled. She could feel his presence.
He watched her. She knew he would be coming. She was ready.


The Galloway Lake

Part One

Tanya’s body crashed into the icy lake. It was a violent awakening.
Like a slap to the face, her mind was jolted by the impact. 
Dark brown eyes popped open to the rush of the murky water. Her body tightened at the chill of it. It felt like a thousand knives pricking her exposed flesh.
Without light to see her surroundings, she panicked and kicked. She tried to keep her head above the water, to see a shred of hope, but the handcuffs that bound her hands behind her back made every movement difficult.
Death was not an option.
Tanya wouldn’t allow it. Even after days of torture, she never gave up her will to live. Her body and mind would be forever bruised by the abuse she suffered. Water filled every orifice as her head sunk again. The darkness terrified her. Her fear of drowning and what lurked deep in the lake was being realized.
The handcuffs were her only obstacle. She was an avid swimmer and had won countless medals and awards for her skill. She might survive if she could get free. Little did her kidnapper know, but Tanya was double jointed. She squeezed her hands very tight and mashed her fingers together until the bone in her thumb tucked inward.
Tanya pursed her lips together and tried to clear her thoughts. Her lungs burned and yet she had to concentrate. After a moment of suffocating agony, her right hand slipped out of the metal handcuffs.
Tanya sprang into action and swam to the surface as quickly as her fatigued body would take her. Her lungs swelled with the air that entered when her head broke the surface. Tanya choked and coughed in ragged fits. Her throat burned from the water she had swallowed.
All was quiet around her. Tanya sucked in a breath and felt her fear rise. She looked around in desperation. She pulled her black hair out of her eyes. Everything was calm and still. She could see her breath puff into the air before her. Tiny lanterns hung from the bridge. Tanya knew where she was.
This was the bridge that led to the Galloway
Plantation. The lanterns lit the way to the shore.
She had to reach dry land. The fact that she was naked in the frosty air of made it dire for her to get out of the water.
Tanya swam as hard as she could. She reached the shore and collapsed onto the rocky ground.
Pebbles and rocks embedded into her arms and legs.
She cried out in both joy and pain. Her head crashed into the mud and she didn’t care. Her eyes closed and she nearly passed out again from days of malnutrition and exhaustion. She wondered if he knew she was still alive when he tossed her over the bridge.
Tanya had to be strong. She had to stay focused. Tanya was an athlete. Her training was all that she had left.
Pain was weakness. Tanya refused to be weak.
The forest was a mass of black shadows that reached towards the lakes shore, the branches of the trees hung over the water like a canopy.
Tanya looked to the forest and felt her body tense. There was nothing but a silent darkness all around her, and the forest went deeper and deeper, making her dizzy as she tried to make out what shadows lingered.
It reminded her of the days when she would stare into the woods in her parents back yard and imagine she’d seen goblins watching her from the trees.
Tanya swallowed hard and rubbed the gooseflesh in her arms. She winced. The gashes were still bleeding. Tanya glanced down at the blood on her hands and felt her lips quiver. She could still remember the sting of the ropes that had cut into her flesh.
She had hung like a pig ready to be butchered for so long that the ropes had dug deep, and all of the blood in her body had traveled down to her head.
Tanya squeezed her eyes shut and tried to block out the memories. She blew into her hands to warm them. It was useless. Her hands had lost all feeling already.
Tanya fought her weariness and shivered as she crawled to her feet.
“Tanya, you can do this.” She tried to motivate herself, but the sound of her voice, so fragile and cracked made her weep.

She couldn't believe she had let such a thing happen to her. She had always been careful. Her mother had always warned her. The day Tanya had left for college, her mother had told her to be aware of her surroundings.
“Always look around to make sure no one followed you when you’re alone. Never get in your car without checking the back seat first. Never go alone to a party or club. Always watch your drink. Call mommy if you need a ride home. Just be aware, Tanya.”
But I was aware! Tanya screamed in her head.
She missed her mother’s voice more than anything.
For days she had gone over and over what had went wrong. Tanya always checked her surroundings. She was cognizant of who was around and watching her.
Still, Tanya couldn’t have prepared for what had happened. He bragged to her about how meticulous he was. He had watched her for years. He knew every detail of her schedule. This had been planned for a while now.
So, one night, he finally came for her. The man in the black mask stole her from the comfort of her own bed.

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