Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Poem by, Didi Udofiah!

A Poem by, Didi Udofiah

The echoes of my love for you resonate like a cymbal fading away in the distance

I was an eagle soaring high in freedom when you caught me and placed me in the captivity of your pretentious love

I was your slave and you became my master and you had me at your beckoning command

I was blinded by my passion to love a wounded soul because I too once had being wounded

I understood your pain and longed to be the one who comforted you

I became your sanctuary and you used my soul as your ointment to heal your pain

You heart was a ball bounced around hard against life ill choices then thrown up for grasp

You grab me hard and used me as your rebound until you strength filled your soul again then you dropped me like I was nothing to you like a hot potato

The impact of my fall has left me smashed up like broken glass unable to pick up the pieces and move on

My heart cannot quit you cold turkey and every time I try I go through severe withdraws like a drug addict desperately searching for her next fix

Yes addicted, am addicted to you like a baser on crack

Without you, am lost like a world traveler without a map

I am incomplete without you, am like a jigsaw puzzles missing it pieces

My life without you is like having menstrual pain 24/7 365 days of the year

My heart is empty like a beautiful vase without freshly cut flowers

I can no longer bare this burden of being your captive because once again my soul has been wounded

Release me my love not as the beautiful bird you found me but release my ashes because my love for you as sent me to my grave

So release my ashes my love so from dust to dust and ashes to ashes my soul can once again fly free

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