Monday, July 15, 2013

Writing Challenge With Author, Emma Carolan!!

The Challenge:
In 3000 words or less, write about a girl who is in love with the boy next door, only to find out he is moving away to another continent. What does she do? Does he even love her back?

The Author:
Emma Carolan

Julia lived alone with her father for years it was just the two of them to keep each other company and when her father got too much to handle she could always turn to her best friend, who luckily lived next door.   
His name was Jackson and they done everything together. They walked to and from school they even had a few classes together. He was her best friend and she wanted it to stay that way forever. As time passed by like it was bound to do, they grew up and Julia talked to Jackson about everything, boy troubles, girl troubles, drama with her life in general and Jackson listened to every word in hopes that one day she would realise that what she was looking for in life was right under her noise and it was him.

Julia storms through the door in a rage and slams it behind her: “Ughhhhhh......” she storms over to the sofa in the middle of the apartment that Julia and Jackson share, she flings herself down, sighs and mumbles “Men. Why do I even bother? They are all jerks or at least the ones that I attract are.”
Jackson was over in the kitchen area making some tea fro himself, he pours her a cup and joins her on the sofa: “What happen this time?” He sighs and hands her the tea.
“He was just a creep.” Julia takes the tea and sips it slowly: “Do you want to talk about it?” Jackson asks with caution as he can clearly see that she is really pissed off.
“No.” Julia shakes her head and Jackson simply says “Ok.” and sits back to drink his tea.
“I mean does he really think I am that kinda girl? Like really?” Julia blurts out.
“What kinda girl?”
“The kind that just gives it up to anyone and on the first date!” Julia sits forward and puts her tea on the glass coffee table in front of the sofa. She looks Jackson in the eyes and says: “Do you think I am like?” She looks so vulnerable and lost. Almost like she is seeking his approval.  “Of course not, Sweetie I have known you forever, I know you like no other. You are one of the good ones, the keepers.”
Julia sighs ands leans back in her seat: “Why can’t the guys I date see me like that and not a piece of ass to chase? Why can’t I find a guy like you?”
Julia kisses Jackson on the cheek and says: “Thanks for listening. I’m away to bed.”

Julia is walks into work and sees the mountain of paper work at her desk she sighs and sits down to attend to the pile of files.  All she can think about is her conversation with Jackson last night. He’s leaving.  He’s moving to India in tonight.  Life wont be the same without him. I won’t know what to do with myself when he is not around.  He is my rock, he is my life.
All these thoughts were rolling around in her head and then she realised that she loved him, she always had, she just never knew it.  She looks at her watch and its 4 pm. Jackson’s flight takes off at 5.30 pm, she thinks to herself, I might be able to catch him if I run and leave now. I may get fired but I don’t care life without Jackson would not be worth living.
Julia grabs her bag and runs out the door, her boss calls after her and she just ignores him and keeps running. Traffic is manic at this time of day, she is about 3 miles away from the air port, she decided instead of getting a taxi she will run the whole way to the airport to confess her love to Jackson and hopefully he will choose her, hopefully he will stay with her and not leave her.
She runs as fast as she can and she just about makes it, Jackson was just about to pass the security gate and Julia calls out to him: “Jackson! Jackson wait there!” She runs over to him and he apologizes to the security man, turns to face Julia: “What are you doing here. I told you I was fine. You did not have to come to see me off.”
Out of breath from running the full way to the airport she says: “I... I... I love you Jackson.... You can’t go.”
Jackson looks at his ticket and back to Julia, he looks like he is been torn in two: “Why could you not have figured this out three weeks ago. You know this is my dream job. You know that I would do anything for you, but this is a chance that I will never get again and I have to take it. I’m sorry Julia I have to go.” Jackson’s turns back to the security man and walks through the gates: “Jackson! NO! Please.” She cries after him and tries to follow but she is halted as she does not have a boarding pass. The only man in her life that has ever been kind and true to her is walking out of her life to follow his dreams. 

Julia returns home to an empty apartment and she cries her eyes out, already life seems so lonely without him around.  She pulls out her laptop and wipes her eyes dry.  If he can’t stay with me I can go to him.  She books a seat on the next flight to India and packs her bags.  She calls a cab and makes her way to the airport.  Just as her cab pulls away from the apartment. Jackson leaps out of one and runs up to the stairs only to find an empty room. He calls out for Julia and but she does not answer.  He tries to call her phone a few times but there is no answer, he figures he will try one last time and it was a good job he did Julia answers the phone with a smile and says: “Jackson.”
“Julia where are you?”
“I’m at the airport.  I am going to go India to be with you.”
Jackson chuckles and says: “I’m at the apartment. To be with you.”
Julia sighs and says: “Really? You would do that for me? You would give up your dreams for me?”
“Julia you are my dreams. You have been since the day you and your father moved in next door.  I have always loved you.”
“Oh Jackson.  I love you so much.”
“You are willing to move to India to be with me?”
Without hesitation Julia answers: “Yes. In a heartbeat. I have no life here without you. It could be an adventure if we go together.”
“Are you still willing to go?”
“Yes.” Julia whispers as the reality of everything starts to sink in.
Jackson gets a cab to the airport and finds Julia waiting for him.  They run to each and Julia leaps into Jackson’s awaiting arms. Jackson kisses her long and hard as he spins her: “I have wanted to do that for so long.” Jackson whispers as he places her on her feet again.
Julia breaths “I wish you had of done it before now.”
“Are you ready to start our new life... Together.”
Julia looks into Jackson eyes frightened and all as she is, she answer honestly: “Yes.”
Hand in hand they board the plane and set off for their new life in India as a couple.

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