Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Voices Echo- a poem

Voices Echo
K.N. Lee

Voices echo inside my head
As I watch him sleep 
In my bed
He's a beautiful creature 
So pale and white
His best feature
Is his will and might 

He's no longer real...
But I see him
I feel him
As a hand reaches out to caress his face
His blue eyes open
And he comes closer...
For a taste
Of my innocent beauty
Pure heart 
And soul
This figment of my imagination 
Swallows me whole
It consumes
And dooms me
To an eternity 
Of lonesome 

My love is dead
His shadow cries
 I sorely dread
The pain in his eyes

Thinking of
A life without him
Looking up
The stars seem so dim

He cannot be free
His love
Will linger with me

I say, "Go!"
With salty tears 
Then, he'll know 

Our time has ended...
This doomed love suspended 


I join him...
On a red-hot bloody whim
Sharp knife
And purple-pulsing vein
Death with him
Is better than a life of this pain