Thursday, August 1, 2013

With Hair of Flames- A Poem

With Hair of Flames
K.N. Lee

With hair of flames
And angelic face
She smiles

Her eyes twinkle 
When the corners of her lips
Form that very smile

Everyday she acts the role she's chosen
Inside she's stuck
Stifled and frozen

She wishes that maybe
Just maybe 
She'll smile her way to enough
Money for the way

Out of this town
Far from the country
To find that long lost love
That she's never even met
Yet dreams of
And cannot forget

She feels she's failed
She had so much drive
If only she could get away
From those judging eyes
At night 
She lays
In her lonesome bed
In a T-shirt he left
But craves him instead

Staring at the ceiling
Overcome with feeling
Her heart swells
The tears sting
As they glide down her face
To her luscious lips
She will yet again
Put on that smile
For better tips