Friday, August 23, 2013

Silence- a poem

K.N. Lee

Silence can be a gift
A curse 
Or a disease
I wrap my arms around you
And pray that you will somehow see

My silence is my spell
Sometimes it's way too loud
It beats me from inside
Begging that I release it now!
Made in the dark crevices hidden 
Deep inside my heart
This silence screeches 
But I refuse to let it out

My spell creeps upon you
Grips you with it's soft hands
Glides warm fingers across your throat
And begs that you'll understand 

What words could I say
To express this painful bliss?
Who can I trust to aid me
When I feel a love like this?
I wouldn't dare 
Wouldn't even think
To say those words aloud
My silence is my prison 
How will I know
If you love me now?