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An Interview with Angela J. Ford

An Interview 

with Angela J. Ford

Where are you from?
I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan but right before I turned 3, my family relocated to Alabama one the first birthday of one of my sisters. I grew up just outside of Birmingham in a small town called Alabaster. When I was 17, I moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University and haven’t moved away yet!
What inspired you to write your first book?
My family is largely responsive for my love affair with words. My parents love reading and naturally passed that passion along to myself and my four sisters. We’re read aloud and make up stories with our toys and as I grew older I began to journal daily. Eventually those journals turned into tales and stories out of my imagination, and from there those tales birthed a book. I was 12 when I finished the first draft of “The Five Warriors” and since then writing become intoxicating.
Do you write full-time or part-time? How do you balance your writing life with your family/work life?
I should have a t-shirt that says “I’d rather be writing” – I quit my full-time job in April of 2015 to focus on living a life I love and doing the things I enjoy most. Writing and helping others turn their dreams into reality. Now I do work full-time as a marketing strategist, but since I’m not self-employed my schedule has morphed into a “get things done” mindset instead of an “8-5pm” mindset. It allows plenty of time in my schedule to work on projects for clients and write for myself and others. Generally, I reserve weekends for myself and spend time at one of the local libraries, writing and drinking coffee.
How did you come up with the title?
Honestly, it just happened. Most of the time people say “Oh, you have 4 sister, there are 5 of you, that’s where the title came from, right?” Yes, and no. The Five Warriors in no way resemble myself or my sisters, but 5 is such a perfect number. When I first thought up the book I knew I wanted there to be warriors, they are the heroes of old in their own world.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?
Any thing is possible if you set you mind to it.

Are experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?
No, I purposefully did not want the book to reflect my life events.

What books have most influenced your life most?
The Bible 

What book are you reading now?
I have about 10 or so books on my “am reading” list on Goodreads, a good combination of fiction and non-fiction. (And yes, I am reading them all). The most recent is “Ink and Bone” by Rachel Caine. So far, I’m curious!

Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest?
I’m currently reading “1929” by M. L. Gardner

What are your current projects?
“The Five Warriors” is only Book 1 of The Four Worlds Series, I’m well into Book 2 and Book 4 is mostly written already. I must admit, the original drafts of all the books are completely written, but they are from my high school days and I’m undertaking a massive re-writing. I also have some adventure tales, some that are finished, some that aren’t and more ideas keep floating around in my head. I’m pretty excited about Book 2!

Name one entity that you feel supported you outside of family members.
Shayla Lee of Curiouser Editing was a huge support during my book launch. I met her in a Facebook Group and will certainly be working with her in the future.

If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book?
I’m always thinking of things to change, there comes a time when I just had to put down my book and call it a day.

Can you share a little of your current work with us?
I’m working on the first draft, so no promises this paragraph will be in the final
Cuthan the Cron stood in front of the Dezzi Queen, arrogantly holding his blond head high. Heavy iron shackles bound his wrists in front of him, while the linked chains reached down to connect to the iron circlets around his bare feet. The sharp features of his tanned face were marred under streaks of mud and dirt, but his green eyes gazed out almost lazily, as if he were board with his sentencing. His tunic was ripped from the scuffle and his pants were too short, cropped off mid-calf. Generally, he liked his appearance to be impeccable but this time it couldn’t be helped. He made a mental note to acquire new clothes as soon as the ordeal was over. The butt of a whip punched into his shoulder blades, forcing him to move forward. He shrugged and moved two steps forward. He was slim and fast, standing at just over five and a half feet tall, but his movements weren’t his strength. As the Queen gave him a chilling glance he cocked his head, and smiled at her.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
I like to distract myself from writing, I can think of a million things to do before starting to write. My main challenge is to stop distracting myself and start writing.

Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?
Sarah Addison Allen is one of my favorite authors, she has the ability to combine reality and magic in a thrilling way that makes you believe anything is possible.

Who designed the covers?
Rashina Bhula of One of One Design Co. She’s exactly the kind of person I enjoy working with, she’s passionate, creative, and full of ideas. We’ve already talked through the next few books and our ideas for them!

What was the hardest part of writing your book?
The rounds of editing were the hardest part, when I finished the book it was about 90,000 words. By the time I got done with my rounds of editing it ended up being closer to 120,000 words. Funny, how it got longer, even when I deleted chapters!

Did you learn anything from writing your book and what was it?
You really can achieve anything you put your mind to – but it does take hard work and determination. I also realized the importance of small steps, like writing every single day. If you write 100 words every day for 365 days, well then, you’ll have your book and then some.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
Don’t give up! The reason most people fail is because they gave up, and it’s important to remember that practice makes perfect. The more you write the better you become.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
Don’t ever stop reading and expanding your perspective by reading.

What do you think about e-publishing versus technical publishing?
At the end of the day, the readers voice speaks louder and its very telling what readers enjoy. Traditional publishing does have the exposure advantage.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
I have a strong hankering to cross the oceans and dwell in the mountains of New Zealand for a time. From there travel to the beaches of Australia before crossing into Asia. I’d like to walk the Great Wall of China and enjoy Japanese cuisine. I’d like to wonder the streets of London and once again enjoy the rich green goodness of Ireland. I want to see the ice palaces of Canada and enjoy the beauty of the desert. Basically, I want the world to be my home.
If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Time travel. In a blue box. 

Angela J. Ford is an imaginative and entertaining writer who creates stories of fanciful worlds that enable young adults to confidently believe in possibilities and overcome differences to be stronger together. Born in Ann Arbor, MI, and raised in Alabaster, AL, she moved to Nashville, TN, where she currently resides, to pursue a degree in Music Business at Belmont University. Although her career has not been largely focused on creative writing, it has been an integral part of her lifestyle. Brought up as a bookworm and musician, she began writing The Four Worlds, a fantasy action, adventure series at the age of 12. The storyline of those books was largely based off of creative games she played with her sisters. Originally finished when she was 16, after college, Angela began to re-write the Four Worlds Series, bringing it from a child’s daydream to an adventure young and old alike can enjoy. Inspired by fairy tales, high magic and epic fantasy, you ll enjoy your adventures within the Four Worlds. If you happen to be in Nashville, you ll mostly likely find her at a local coffee shop, enjoying a white chocolate mocha and furiously working on her next book. Make sure you say hello!
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★✩★ ‪#‎NEWRELEASE ★✩★ With a Twist by M. Stratton

★✩★ ‪#‎NEWRELEASE ★✩★
With a Twist by M. Stratton


The rules at The Club were simple: 
Keep your mouth shut. 
Keep your mouth shut. 
Keep your mouth shut. 

This was a rule Starr Fields could follow. After searching for years, she finally found what she thought was home. A place where she could go in, keep a bar between her and the customers, pour drinks, make good money, and go home. A place where she didn’t have to worry about her mama’s boyfriends thinking she was fair game. A place where she could simply be. 

Bryant Harrison was new to Karim, Texas. After years of moving around and buying one company after another, he threw a dart on a map and decided to move his home base from New York City to where it landed. Now he had every failing business man in town trying to get him to take their problems away. 

One glance was all it took for these two to know this was going to be more than a casual meeting. Their feelings were growing quickly as the air became crisp and the leaves changed color. As Halloween approaches, it would seem the unknown monster that hunted Starr wasn’t going to just watch from the shadows for much longer. 

Can Bryant be her Knight in Shining Armor and save her in time, or will she slip away as quickly as they fell in love? 

**Warnings: This book is intended for adults over the age of 18, includes sexual content, language and possible triggers for certain readers** 

This is a multi-author project; you can find all The Club books at

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Bruised Kisses: A Slave to Loyalty

Bruised Kisses: A Slave to Loyalty

Young, ambitious, yet cursed. Lamiah Jones comes from a good family, with an upbringing most aren’t accustomed to. With a promising future in sight, everything takes a downward spiral when she becomes pregnant with long-time boyfriend, Felix. Not happy with the news of their daughter’s pregnancy, Lamiah’s parents give her two options: either give the baby up for adoption and then finish school, or if she decides to keep the baby and Felix in her life, Lamiah would have to move out of their house. 

Coming to terms with her parents options, Lamiah decides that she wants Felix in their baby’s life. Little does she know, her life would never be the same after she leaves the nest. A life she was once used to became a memory, causing her to resort to desperate measures to secure a happy future for her daughter. 

When Lamiah decides to walk through the doors of Paradise City, she never thought her life could get any worse, but she is sadly mistaken. Will Paradise ever come Lamiah’s way, or will she crumble with the rumble that has become her life? 

Author Bio: Jimmy Griffon known as author J. Griff is just a humble guy with a few stories to tell. Born in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, J. Giff is an upcoming author in Urban Fiction. 

"I knew I was more than words, I like to tell stories in action." J. Griff is an author who draws readers in with his vivid imagery in written form. "As an author, you have to let the readers feel what you feel when you are writing."

J. Griff in partnership with another author created 92nd Street Publishing. Look out for more of this author in 2015.

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The Writing Process

The Writing ProcessK.N. Lee

In this article I will describe the writing process, what I do when I get stuck, whether I prefer to kill a character, and how I determine if a book is YA, NA, Romance, or Paranormal.

Writing has always been my greatest pleasure in life. I have been doing it since childhood and plan on continuing until I am too old to type or wield a pen. There is a process when it comes to writing, and it is quite magical. 

For me, it all begins with a dream. My eyes close and I drift into a parallel universe of my subconscious. There characters are crafted and fantastical stories are viewed like a film in a theater. When I wake up it is my job to translate what I witnessed in my dream, so that I may share the wonder with others. Rarely am I ever in my dreams. Characters take center stage, and so they are the ones truly in control. I start the first sentence, and let them lead the way. I am always amazed by the way the characters flesh themselves out with their own unique personalities and desires. I create characters that were formed by my mind. It is this fact that makes me realize that each character has a very special piece of my own true self. 

Koa in The Chronicles of Koa series is this tiny girl that no one would ever think could have any power, but she surprises those that doubt her with her strong resolve and ambition. I believe she is a nod toward who I want to be. Lilae, from my Rise of the Flame series is timid and withdrawn from others, too afraid to even look into someone’s eyes for fear that she will be judged. She is my most cherished character, for she depicts my struggles with shyness and insecurities as a child.

Since it is the characters that lead the way through a novel, I let them help me when I hit a snag. Whenever there is a chapter or scene that I continuously stumble on, or it keeps me from reaching the finish line, I consult with my muses. A walk through nature seems to help, music, or picking up another book I enjoy, and read for awhile. My greatest aid is the moments before I drift to sleep. I will focus on the scene that troubles me, fall asleep, watch these issues become resolved, and wake up with a smile. 

Voila. I am back on track.

To kill or not to kill a character?
I tend to go with the latter. However, death is one of the most primal of fears. Killing a character's loved one can make a dramatic shift in their character arc. Seeing them persevere makes them real to the reader.

When it comes to determining which genre my book is in, I simply analyze the overall theme, and determine which audience it will appeal to most.

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Cheerleaders in Heat BOOK BLITZ

Cheerleaders in Heatby   Muffy Wilson  and  Chrissy Laurence

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Miami Rattlers Cheerleader Cherie Redd is exquisitely beautiful, athletic, and very, very lonely. Romance: a puzzling phenomenon she figured had something to do with guys' fear of rejection or lack of self-confidence because they just didn't have what it takes to win someone like Cherie. 
Titillatingly sexy and breathtakingly beautiful, Cherie and her other cheerleading friends often spent their lonely Saturday nights lamenting their beauty and available just for the asking. The prettiest single women around: lonely, loveless and forlorn.
Frustrated by too many quiet nights at home or with other cheerleaders, Cherie was oh-so-eager for romance and a man to seduce her lavishly. She wanted to feel what a real orgasm in the arms of an adoring man was like once again. So, she tucked her vibrator away and took to the Internet. Cherie had no clue how rapidly the seduction would begin or where her life would careen as a result. Painfully naive and overwhelmed by admirers before her spinning head cleared, Cherie was learning things her momma never even knew enough to warn her about. 
Follow Cherie and her friends as their sexual scoreboards light up brighter than in any stadium as their downward spiral introduces them to hot ménage sex, perversion and degradation.
Or does it?
Even his muscles have muscles for The Girls

An Insatiable Appetite for the Explicit *HOT* Edge 
Once in awhile, a book comes along that really captures your imagination. 
This book does that.
It begins as a charming “anything goes” chronicle of Cherie, and her cheerleader friend’s, 
journey beginning with Internet dating on the wild-side of South Miami nightlife. 
Timely situational circumstances hold a mirror on the breath of today’s edgy living, sensation-seeking society reflecting a degradational descent into drugs, alcohol, BDSM, casual sex, and sexual perversions.
This book was hard to put down. The pace was a roller-coaster ride of surprising 
twists and turns—some funny, some not, all thought provoking—all totally absorbing.
However, the underlying story is one of love: 
wanting it, losing it, looking for it, finding it,  and underestimating the power of love.
Outstanding, entertaining read! Wilson and Laurence nailed this one! 
You will not see the end coming…..
~ PA Jiuditta

As the evening darkened into night, the lights of Miracle Mile slowly came on, one-by-one, to welcome the late comers to the Strip. They were clearly interested in one another, their eyes locked in a magnetic embrace. Her emerald eyes lost their golden flecked luster to a dark, nighttime desire, matching Juan’s. Their hands touched often, fingertips communicating the messages lovers speak that only they can hear. Cherie, thinking the better of the two with the most to lose, excused herself to the ladies room.
The Girls take on the Hot-Hungry Media
There was a fiery feeling building up a steam that needed expression and release. In the restroom stall, Cherie raised her dress and put her hand up her thigh. She moved her red thong out to the side as she searched for her honey spot, now wet and eager. She knew this would not take long; so much emotion had burned through her already tonight.  Her head relaxed to the wall and she began to finger herself rapidly as she thought about Juan holding his cigar and the size of his hands. God, but he was handsome, tall and virile. She wondered about his cock. Was he circumcised or did he have a turtleneck sweater? She smiled and released a slight giggle. Was he long, thin, short, thick, wide and flat, bushy or trimmed?  How did he smell: like a warm musky forest after a light rain or like boot leather? Did he like briefs or boxers?  Oh, God, maybe a thong… Oh God, oh God, maybe he was wearing a thong now, or nothing! She could feel the earlier tension redirecting energy to her clit as she became more and more aroused at the thought of Juan’s cock.  She was adept at fingering herself and she wasted no energy now.  She began to moan and move with the rhythm of her hand and fingers.  She released her neck muscles and her head rolled from shoulder to shoulder.  She could feel it all over now, everywhere.  She was electrified, getting wetter with each stroke. Damn, she wished she had her finger vibrator, but she only carried it when she travelled. She would have to rethink that strategy another time.
She is reading for pointers from The Girls
She moaned, gyrated, clinched and quivered.  She moved in harmony with her passion, with the ebb and flow of her pulse. Her eyes closed floating in the image of Juan, and then she raised her foot to the seat in the stall.  She spread her legs giving her hand full open access: oh, what a vision she must have been.  She was hot, looked sublime, and coming soon in her red silk undies.  Her thong and garter belt pushed aside, she tormented her clit and pussy.  Aware that people looked at her as if they wanted her made her feel better and gave her an emotional edge. She pretended Juan was looking at her now in the same way.
She began to come in her hand: two fire-red tipped fingers plunged inside of her pussy and her red-tipped thumb found the pink pearl of her existence.  She worked herself into frenzied hot passion as she imagined Juan kissing her, holding her breasts, pinching her nipples, bending to suck her aureole and bite her nipples.  Her hardened nipples stretched and made an appearance under her tight fully
He just collided with an 80 year-old Grandmother at a bus stop
fitted dress.  God!  Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God and she released a moan with her breath as she gripped her thighs tightly together, pushed, quivered, contracted and came.  She stood like that for a few seconds then relaxed as she rotated her head and released her neck muscles.  She felt like a new woman: a woman that knew she should be headed home before her quality time with the man at hand, Juan, turned into quality debauchery. 
Cherie emerged from the ladies’ room looking like a redheaded goddess, to Juan’s eye. It was a wonder to him what women could do to themselves in a few short minutes to freshen up.  Begging the late hour and an early call tomorrow, Cherie left after the next glass of wine and a penetrating kiss promised more to come.

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Chrissy Laurence ~

Chrissy Laurence is the cousin of Best Selling mystery writer C.K.Laurence. Chrissy has always wanted to write, but until her dear friend Muffy encouraged her to do so, she kept the manuscript she had started tucked away without moving forward.
Thrilled with the opportunity to collaborate, she forwarded her manuscript to Muffy. It turned out that the two women were a perfect team and the result of Chrissy and Muffy's work is CHEERLEADERS IN HEAT...
Yours to read and enjoythoroughly!

Muffy Wilson ~ 

Muffy, author of erotic, romantic novels and stories about love, sex, hope and passion, was born in San Antonio, Texas, to traditional parents. With two older brothers, she was the youngest, the family "princess," indulged and pampered. She adored her older brothers, following them everywhere and was surrounded by love, stimulation, and pets. Her father was a career Colonel and pilot in the U.S. Air Force which required the family to travel extensively. The family lived in most points between Alaska and France. Muffy spent her formative years in Europe and came of age in France.Returning from France with her family, Muffy finished high school in Northern California and attended the University of California at Davis and majored in Business Management. She entered the work force, independent with a fierce work ethic, and retired at 39 from IBM as a Mid-West Regional Director in the Real Estate and Construction Division. She and her husband moved to a small Island in northern Wisconsin where they owned a historic one hundred year old tavern, restaurant and resort business which they since have sold.They now live a charmed life by the water in SW Florida. Muffy pretends to be a serious real estate business person but, in real life, indulges her private interest writing sexy stories and sensual literotica.  ~ Live, Laugh, Love with Passion. 

Ravenous Romance, Decadent Publishing, Yellow Silk Dreams, 
Secret Cravings Publishing, Oysters & Chocolate 

Get Your Ho Ho Hos On
A Christmas Anthology
Muffy Wilson
November 2015

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the War 
A Memoire of Lt.Col. Joe Lyle Jr
Muffy Wilson
 Fall 2015

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