Friday, October 16, 2015

★✩★ ‪#‎NEWRELEASE ★✩★ With a Twist by M. Stratton

★✩★ ‪#‎NEWRELEASE ★✩★
With a Twist by M. Stratton


The rules at The Club were simple: 
Keep your mouth shut. 
Keep your mouth shut. 
Keep your mouth shut. 

This was a rule Starr Fields could follow. After searching for years, she finally found what she thought was home. A place where she could go in, keep a bar between her and the customers, pour drinks, make good money, and go home. A place where she didn’t have to worry about her mama’s boyfriends thinking she was fair game. A place where she could simply be. 

Bryant Harrison was new to Karim, Texas. After years of moving around and buying one company after another, he threw a dart on a map and decided to move his home base from New York City to where it landed. Now he had every failing business man in town trying to get him to take their problems away. 

One glance was all it took for these two to know this was going to be more than a casual meeting. Their feelings were growing quickly as the air became crisp and the leaves changed color. As Halloween approaches, it would seem the unknown monster that hunted Starr wasn’t going to just watch from the shadows for much longer. 

Can Bryant be her Knight in Shining Armor and save her in time, or will she slip away as quickly as they fell in love? 

**Warnings: This book is intended for adults over the age of 18, includes sexual content, language and possible triggers for certain readers** 

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