Monday, October 12, 2015

Bruised Kisses: A Slave to Loyalty

Bruised Kisses: A Slave to Loyalty

Young, ambitious, yet cursed. Lamiah Jones comes from a good family, with an upbringing most aren’t accustomed to. With a promising future in sight, everything takes a downward spiral when she becomes pregnant with long-time boyfriend, Felix. Not happy with the news of their daughter’s pregnancy, Lamiah’s parents give her two options: either give the baby up for adoption and then finish school, or if she decides to keep the baby and Felix in her life, Lamiah would have to move out of their house. 

Coming to terms with her parents options, Lamiah decides that she wants Felix in their baby’s life. Little does she know, her life would never be the same after she leaves the nest. A life she was once used to became a memory, causing her to resort to desperate measures to secure a happy future for her daughter. 

When Lamiah decides to walk through the doors of Paradise City, she never thought her life could get any worse, but she is sadly mistaken. Will Paradise ever come Lamiah’s way, or will she crumble with the rumble that has become her life? 

Author Bio: Jimmy Griffon known as author J. Griff is just a humble guy with a few stories to tell. Born in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, J. Giff is an upcoming author in Urban Fiction. 

"I knew I was more than words, I like to tell stories in action." J. Griff is an author who draws readers in with his vivid imagery in written form. "As an author, you have to let the readers feel what you feel when you are writing."

J. Griff in partnership with another author created 92nd Street Publishing. Look out for more of this author in 2015.

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