Friday, September 27, 2013

My Soul is Crying- a poem

My Soul is Crying
K.N. Lee

My soul is crying
For my heart is ill
The pillow is soaked
With salty tears
My heart is swollen 
With poison
My cries echo
And fill my ears

A lonely walk 
May clear my head
Maybe I'll forget
The empty house
And empty bed
Butterflies swirl
Like splotches of colored hope
Fresh air fills my lungs
I force my feet forward
And desperately try to cope

A garden awaits
One of calm
And beauty
A low hum
And a swift breeze
As a fragrant perfume
Floats through the trees
To my knees
I clasp hands in prayer
Beg for release

I fall back 
Into a bed of red roses
The vines wrap themselves 
Around my limbs
The thorns sting
And cut my face
Like knives

I bleed

And I smile
Sing sweet songs
In painful bliss
Though bleeding and broken
It doesn't compare to such pain
As this...