Monday, September 9, 2013

Bedside Flowers- a poem by guest poet, Shane Hogan

Fourteenth poem from suspended Animation:
Bedside Flowers 
By, Shane Hogan

I sit here and look at you sleeping
The doctor has spoken and left us to be alone
You awake and smile at me
Without a word
We talk with our eyes
In silence for an hour

Two great writers
We have written at tale of love
 A story to be read
By every individual
In their own way
Together now
We write the last scene

You lay your hand out
And I put mine in yours
I hold your hand
Like you have held mine before
 Those restless nights
You comforted me
With sleep
Now I return the favor
With a settling breath you drift away

It seems life has decided
 I cannot follow you on this journey
Cruel but kind
It grants us a meeting place
It is where long conversations took place
On dark nights
I hear our voices laden with tiredness and tea
I squeeze your hand
Before I say goodnight

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