Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Chronicles of Koa Series Gets a Face Lift!

After the ridiculously awesome reveal of the artwork for my epic fantasy series, Rise of the Flame, an idea sparked in my mind.

So, this weekend I grabbed my favorite magician and we slipped away into a secret lair where we created an incredible spectacle... 

The Chronicles of Koa book covers! 

Trust me, there were lots of sparkly flames, iridescent auras, and a few potions involved. But we did it!

Well, I admit. I didn't do that much. 

It was all Jennifer Munswami of JM Rising Horse Creations and her incredible artistry. Sure it was my vision, but it was her magic. 

So, what do you think? 

Aren't they incredible?

Finally, Koa's essence, beauty, strength, and power are captured and displayed in this enchanting artwork. 

But why did I do this? My covers were fine the way there were. 
Well, sure they were fine. But I wanted something better than fine. Koa deserves the best in my opinion, and contrary to the old saying about not judging books by their cover... it's wrong. 

In this digital era with millions of ebooks flooding the market, people do judge books by their cover. Especially from new authors. I mean, I don't care what Terry Goodkind's covers look like. If he writes a book, I'm going to read it. 

That's because I know his work. 

But if I see Sally Sue Surname on Amazon, and have never heard of her, I'm going to be drawn in by her cover art, then her reviews, and then I'll give her a chance. I imagine this is what many other avid readers feel. So, I'm proud of my new covers and the impact they'll make on an Amazon page in the midst of hundreds of other fantasy novels.

Download your copy of this work of art. It is truly spectacular on the inside and the outside!

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Special thanks to Jennifer Munswami