Thursday, April 30, 2015

An Exclusive Excerpt from Lyrinian Blade: The Chronicles of Koa Book Three

An Exclusive Excerpt 

from Lyrinian Blade: 

The Chronicles of Koa Book Three

“What are you going to do with all of this power,” Tristan asked in a hushed tone as he watched Halston manipulate the air around them.
 With a bit of concentration, and a deep breath, Halston was able to make the fog of the dark alley rise above them. White mist curled between Halston and Tristan as he moved his left hand in a swaying motion.
His brows furrowed. “I am going to use it for something good.”
Tristan shook his head and sat on the sidewalk. He folded his arms and leaned against the side of the building. “I don’t know if that’s even possible.”
“And why is that?” Halston asked as he peered into the mist, hoping to see a glimpse of the Gate. The entrance into the Netherworld.
“Because there’s so much evil inside of you now,” Tristan answered after a pause of silence. His voice was laden with concern, enough to make Halston finally divert his full attention back to his oldest friend.
His arms dropped to his sides and he turned to look down at the large War-Breeder that could have easily passed for a descendant of the race of giants.
But now, even though he was so big, with muscles that could not be contained by even the jacket Halston had given him, Tristan looked oddly less imposing.
Tristan was worried.
This alarmed Halston. He slid his hands into the pockets of his pants and gazed into the night sky. The moon was shrouded by clouds, and the mist that Halston had called forth from the fog further canopied them from the purity of the sky, from his Father’s eyes.
A shiver ran up Halston’s spine. Nothing could hide him from the gaze of God. He would have wept if Tristan had not been there. He wondered if it would not be better to just be alone. To walk the world in shame for what he had done.
“I don’t know if you realize it, but I can sense their souls within you, Halston,” Tristan whispered.
Halston shot a look at him. “Are you with me, or not?”
Tristan shook his head. His eyes narrowed. “Of course I am. I’ll always be by your side. You not only helped me stay out of trouble in the Netherworld, but you are like a brother to me. It’s just that something stirs in my chest when I sense a vampire’s soul. It’s like an itch that I cannot scratch. I’ve had to deal with it all of my life, surrounded by vamps in the Netherworld, and I don’t like it. Why do you think I chose to live in the south, where vampires would never venture to?”
“Why,” Halston dared to ask.
Tristan came to his feet. He rubbed his chin with his hand and sighed. “To keep from losing my mind.”
Their eyes met and Halston saw the fury that was so well hidden behind Tristan’s thin, dark eyes. He nodded and looked away. “Because it is why you were created. War-Breeders are the only natural enemies of the vampire race. And now I walk the Earth with hundreds of their souls feeding this unnatural power to my body.” Halston’s voice cracked and he stopped talking. He wasn’t sure of what bothered him more, that he wasn’t sorry for what he’d done, or that he had to do it at all. He did it for her.
Koa’s green eyes would always glow in the back of his mind.
The silence was thick between them, with only the sound of droplets of cold water trickling from the leaky pipes onto the craggy stone sidewalk.
Halston didn’t want to say what he thought should happen, but Tristan seemed to sense what was on his mind.
“Listen, boss, I’m not going to let you go off on your own. We are a team, and together we will find Koa and free you of this evil.”
Afraid to even look at his friend, Halston turned his back on him. He closed his eyes and sighed. With a nod he gave his acquiescence to Tristan’s words.
The sound of footsteps made Halston tense. He glanced over his shoulder. Tristan must have heard the small footsteps as well. He looked past Halston, and upward.
Realization flooded Halston, and he drew his infinity gun from its holster out of instinct and spun around to point it at whatever creature dared interrupt an angel turned demon, and a top ranked War-Breeder.
To his surprise, the creature he saw was not one that would ever cause them trouble. A smile came to his face, and somehow all seemed like it would be alright.
Before them flew an angel. She bounded down the side of the building, and soared slowly to the ground.
An angel, a ray of light in that dark alley, and a friend.
Alice landed before Halston on her feet in a crouched position. Beaming, she stood before him, took two steps towards him, and threw her arms around his neck.
“I found you,” she said breathlessly.
Halston held back tears. It took everything within him to do so. Not only had he been holding them back since he had to break Koa’s neck to free her from the demon’s curse, but every day since that fateful night. Instead, he closed his eyes and put an arm around Alice’s small body, and embraced her.
She pulled back and cupped his face in her hands. Her pink hair seemed to glow even under the dim light of the street lamp outside the alley. She grinned. “You look like crap.”
That twinkle of mischief in her eyes brought a smile to Halston’s face. Somehow, he began to feel that things might turn out alright after all.

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