Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Season of the Sparrow- A Poem

To celebrate the first day of spring, I give you a little poem.

Season of the Sparrow
K.N. Lee

There's a gentle breeze 
And the smell of rain
As I lean against my window pane
The sky is clear 
And the flowers bloom
When a sparrow flies into my room
He's a tiny fellow
Of white and brown
He chirps a "hello"
And I sit down

He jumps and flies
Before my eyes
Can you imagine
My surprise?
A smile creeps onto my lips
As I watch the bird dance
And quip
The sweetest songs I've ever heard
How could I have the pleasure
To meet such a bird?
His songs are joyous
And his chest puffs out with pride
He takes my hands with his wings 
And around my room we glide
We laugh and sing 
Hum and shout

The snow is gone!
The snow is gone!
How happy we are
That the snow is gone.

Have a great day, everyone! -K.N. Lee