Saturday, March 2, 2013

Thieving Fairies! -Writing Prompt

To fairies, voices are great treasures! A fairy steals your voice and traps you in a cave. What do you do?


Kenichi Kamihara
I think rather than try to go out the front entrance, I continue deeper through the cavernous network a la The Descent.

Hopefully I find a way through and avoid any cave dwellers that are hungry for flesh! Eventually after long hours and days of grueling and dangerous spelunking, I emerge from another forgotten opening into daylight.

Then, I begin plotting fairy revenge, starting with purchasing hedge clippers to neatly snip up their vocal cords!

K.N. Lee

Who knew my tooth fairy wanted more than just my tooth? She took my voice and left me stranded here in this awful cave.

I've been sitting here for hours, plotting my revenge... listening to the sleeping bears snore.

As I look over at the massive brown bears I wonder what my mommy and daddy are thinking right now. I mean, I'm only seven, they should realize I've been kidnapped by now. They'll never guess who did it though.

What can I do? I can't even tell them what really happened. That sneaky fairy stole my voice!!

I ball up my fists and shake them at the hole she escaped from. Those glittering wings left all of this annoying glitter stuck in my golden hair. How dare she? The fairy claimed she was teaching me a lesson.


I tense. One of the bears stirs. My eyes widen and I watch one of them sit up and look right at me with it's large, black, eyes. I am too afraid to scream, not that I could anyway...without my voice.

I frown. The bear shakes the other sleeping bears and awakens them. Three sets of eyes behold me with terror. They speak in unison.

"Oh no! Goldilocks is back!"- K.N. Lee

That was fun ;)