Monday, March 4, 2013

Detective Receives a Perplexing Gift- Writing Prompt/Short Story

Who put the stuffed bear on the surly detective's desk?

Jason Halstead
Gift from a secret admirer. Complete with a small yield tactical dirty bomb hidden inside of it.

Amazing repercussions of putting the brother in law of a known arms dealer in prison.

Morgan Silver 
Present from a teenage girl he helped for free, who also secretly has a crush on him, but who is also in trouble! She's left him a clue . Will he find it in time?

K.N. Lee
Detective Sumner walked into his office and paused.

"What's this?" He scratched his head, which was especially dirty this evening. He had just returned from a crime scene, which happened to be deep in an underground tomb at the St. Stephen's church.

He flicked dirt from underneath his nails and frowned at the stuffed bear that sat on his cluttered desk.

He grinned with one corner of his mouth. Timmons... He must be behind this, he thought.

It had to be his partner, Timmons. Jeff Sumner had been divorced for almost seven years now. He was a bitter man who would rather eat alone then pay some broad to eat with him. There was a zero percent chance that this came from an...admirer.

Jeff closed the door and put his hands in his pockets. He stared at the white bear and noticed the note attached to its red ribbon. He sighed. He was rarely in the mood for games, or pranks.

His phone rang. Jeff raised a brow. It was late. Who could be calling now? He gave the stuffed bear a sidelong glance and picked up the phone.

"Detective Sumner." Jeff had a southern drawl that some said made him sound like Andy Griffith. He didn't like compliments, but that was one that he didn't mind.

"Jeff..." It was a woman's voice.

Jeff raised a brow. He hadn't expected that. "I don't have all night. What do you want?"


Jeff was on the verge of hanging up when he heard soft sobs. He frowned and closed his eyes. He hated to hear crying, man or woman. He lowered his voice.

"What's the problem, miss?"

The crying paused and he heard sniffles. "It's nothing... Just" the phone clicked and Jeff was left standing there, listening to a dial tone.

He growled and hung up the phone. He was too tired for games. He picked up the bear and tossed it into the trash. He didn't care who it was from. He grabbed his coat, turned off the light, and walked out of the office. He locked the door and stalked out of the station to his black Buick and drove home...alone.-K.N. Lee

Ohhhh I like where these writers are taking this! Thanks for participating and I can't wait to read whatever stories you come up with from today's prompt! Write on! -K.N. Lee