Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Flower of Truth- Writing Prompt

There is a flower that holds all of your secrets. Each petal that falls reveals one of your secrets to everyone. How do you preserve the flower?

Morgan Silver

Maybe I don't want to preserve it...maybe I want to destroy it 
*cue eerie music*

Nicole Ramsey
I give it to the fairies to protect in the forbidden forest. They agree to as long as I promise to owe them a favor in the future. It may be a favor for good or evil for we all know fairies are tricky creatures. My hidden secrets may be worth the cost of the favor...

Very interesting, Morgan… Reveal all of your secrets and have a clean slate. I like it!
Oh yes, Nicole! Those fairies can be quite tricky. Good luck Nicole... I just hope they don't want your first born daughter or something...-K.N. Lee
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