Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Very, Fairy, Dilemma- Writing Prompt

Lera, princess of the fairy kingdom Roan, needs your help! A wizard has stolen her mother and uses her fairy dust to give life to his inventions. Will your help her? How?

Nicole Ramsey

The wizard has set up traps all around his castle so no fairy can get in, but if Lera can get to someone on the inside she may be able to save her mother. Good thing the wizard's apprentice has a crush on Lera's best friend, me.

We wait until the apprentice leaves the castle to get supplies. He's normally shy and is shocked to see us. After we explain that the situation is wrong, he reveals that the situation is worse and that the inventions are taking a life of their own beyond what the wizard can control. With more fairy dust the apprentice might be able to make the invention go after the wizard.

With the wizard fighting against his inventions, he can remove the traps and free the queen. We give our fairy dust to him and hope the young apprentice has the skills to follow through with the plan.

Thanks for participating, Nicole! I see that you're a fellow fairy lover! Please keep delighting us with your creative mind.-K.N. Lee

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Art by, sakimichan