Monday, March 18, 2013

Writing Challenge with Author, Luke Wood!!

I am pleased to introduce the author of Approaching Humanity, Luke Wood! He is my second guest here on Write Like A Wizard and has been brave enough to face my writing challenge.

The concept is simple, I give an author a challenge, they write something cool and I promote their endeavors! Then, I conduct an interview with said author. Check in next week for Luke Wood's interview.

Without further is Luke Wood's challenge!

In less than 2000 words, write about something ugly...hate, cruelty, murder, bullying, the choice is yours! Get creative!

The Result:

By, Luke Wood

I hate you so much I can’t even breathe
Why are you in my life, why can’t you leave
You are my enemy and I want you dead
Never be friends, we can never break bread
Being around you, it makes my blood boil
I see you and want your neck in a coil
You are a cancer crawling in my skin
Wanting you dead, even God can forgive this sin
As I see you my anger continues to grow
Will not stop until I see you are six feet below
You are a cancer and I will stop this infection
Next time I see you, as I look into my reflection

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