Friday, March 8, 2013

Mysterious Mermaid- Writing Prompt/Short Story!!

You're on vacation and you see something glittering in the water. You swim and see what looks like a mermaid, but she won't turn towards you. When she notices you there, what does she do?

Homecoming- A Short Story 
K.N. Lee
I never expected to lose my life while on vacation. I never expected to gain a new one either...

First time in Mexico. I sit on the beach and look out into the perfect, blue, horizon. The ocean is clear. There isn't a cloud in the sky. I have a strawberry daiquiri in one hand and the hand of the most beautiful man you've ever seen in the other. I can't help but smile. 

West looks at me with those green eyes I love so much and smiles. He leans towards me and plants a soft kiss on my lips. I try to hide my beaming smile, but that's one of the things he loves most about me.

Perfect day.

Until... I wake up and everyone is gone.


I gasp and shoot up from my chair. Someone is calling me. I look around, frantic. It's dark outside, and quiet. Way too quiet for spring break in Cancun!

How long have I been asleep? Where is West? Where is everyone?

The sand is still warm, as is the air, but there is a smell that invades my nostrils. It's like rotting fish and sulfur. I cover my nose and look around with big, wide, eyes. 

"Chelsea!" I jump. Someone is screaming my name. The odd female voice is so loud that is makes my eardrums vibrate and my teeth grind. I am certain entire city can hear it.

"Who is there?" My voice sounds like a child's. Fear creeps up and grabs me. My entire body tenses when I feel something lift me off the ground and catapult me towards the still ocean.

Now, I scream. It is weak and strangled as I crash into the ocean. I thrash and swallow gulps of salty water. I can't swim! I never could. Not since I was a child and jumped into the deep end of the pool with all of my clothes on. A faceless man saved me. That's all I remember. I only came on this trip to be with West, watch him surf, and party all night with the rest of the couples who came along.

Well. This is it. My eyes see nothing but black and the water is too hot to be normal. Water fills my lungs. It burns like the first time I drank a shot of bourbon, but worse. Much worse

I admit. I never saw this coming, and I never expected the last face I saw to be that of my dead little sisters...who oddly drowned. 


Mom and dad are going to have nervous breakdowns when they hear about this!

I am about to die. 


My lungs are about to explode, but there is something soothing about that voice now.

I see something red ahead of me and scream. Bad idea. Water floods my mouth and I suffocate.

The end.

Oh, I was wrong. I thought that was the end. 

My eyes open and there are people looking down at me. I gasp and realize I am still under water. 

Impossible. That was my first thought.

I'm dead. That was my second thought.

A mermaid, with red hair swims over to me. She has golden gills and a green fin. 

This is so weird.

She smiles at me and I realize I am smiling too.

"Chelsea?" Someone calls. She has a familiar voice.

I turn around and cover a yelp. "Melody?" My sister is looking back at me with a fin of her own. She is a mermaid!

I look down.

I am a mermaid!

My voice is trapped inside by a massive lump in my throat. Melody swims over and hugs me. Her embrace feels warm, and real. Her red hair floats around both of us as it intertwines with my red hair. I am dead. Or dreaming.

I find my voice and courage. "Melody... You're dead, honey. You drowned."

Melody pulls back and looks arms with the other mermaid with the bright red hair. I frown. It's much like ours.'s the same shade.

Melody smiles at me.

"No, sister. I came home." She takes my hand. "And now. So are you."

My face pales. I am breathing water.

The red haired mermaid cups my face in her hands. 

"They stole you from me. But you both made your way back. Welcome home...daughters."

Seriously, that's it.

K.N. Lee

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