Monday, April 22, 2013

When the Gun Clicks- A Poem

When the Gun Clicks
K.N. Lee 

Heart beats thump
Blood clumps
He stands there
She's quite aware
Throat dries
Large blue eyes
Flicker up
With terror and surprise
Face pales
Skin tightens
Tiny blonde hairs stand on end
She's been found
And so it begins

Warnings scream
Inside her head
She should run
She should flee
He wants her dead...

He wants her to see
Her love is tainted
Her eyes too seductive
Her face too painted
He wants her to see
She's better off bound    
It would soothe his nerves
If she could not be found
If he knew she were safely buried
Kept safe from other men
In order to quiet the voices
And quench his desire
He wants to capture her
And watch the red fire
Lick her ankles
And creep up her thighs
Ripping the flesh as her screams rise

This is his goal
She knows it too well
So when the gun clicks once
She sends him to Hell