Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Low-Town Walk- A Poem by Guest Shane Hogan

A Low-Town Walk
Shane Hogan 

A Low-town Walk
I see the sun
Above the sky so handsome
It shines all day down upon my face
As I look above
With all the power of my being
I have to sit down
Just to embrace my day

I kick a stone
At rolls and it does tumble
A tired rock
That takes all in its day
As it starts to stop
As if it was never moving
The dust starts to settle 

It has found its place to lay
Just to save our souls
Our spirits are freed
from our body's
Just to have a say

We sometimes cannot speak
When we walk along
We can hold our hands together

We can look at death to understand our life's
I feel the grass
The blades that grow so freely
A breath of green 
That does not rue my lungs
I taste the start
As it was in the beginning
The free grass grows
Around the land it loves

I take my time
Not to be ignorant and notice
That the road is stable to my feet
That the world and i knew
If it means noting
I'll be a thought to you
To think about one day

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