Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dream Girl- A Poem

Dream Girl
K.N. Lee

Lips drip with liquid lust
She sighs and coyly flaunts her bust

He breathes her in
And smells her skin
He thirsts for her
Yearns for her
Oh how his loins
Burn for her

Pure gluttony of need
Sweat falls in beads
Between her bosom
And down her neck
Like sweet honey
So slow
This is the girl
He has to know

If only he could reach her
There's so much he could teach her

But alas
She is fiction
A dream
Not real
But nothing can compare
To the pain that he feels
When he awakens to nothing
An empty bed
Of the girl he dreams of night and day
His muse
And inspiration
To make up a girl
The perfect girl
Takes quite the imagination