Monday, April 15, 2013

Sky Black- A Poem by Guest Author, James DeAcutis

Sky Black
James DeAcutis

Sky black

A wandering moon
Shadows creep across the room
The pale gray light infects the bone
Short breaths released will not come home

Heart black
And dripping red
Fallow dreams cannot be fed
Its hunger creeps from down below
Deep within the dark shadows

Blood dried
Cold and dead
And dead flesh cannot be bled
But crushed within an iron grind
Leaves dripping pulp and dreams behind

Ice cold
It touched a spine
With dreams of death cruel and sublime
And despite the chill that burns the soul
The long lost spirit ignites cold hearth coals

Shadow skulks
Across my room
Trailing dust amidst the gloom
Bearing down plays hide and seek
And toys and tickles my heart so weak

Heat fills my blistering eyes
My body withers and flakes
Phantoms stifle my pitiful cries
I fear I will never awake
Through the night haunted tunnels of slumber
Down the cracked black cavernous hall
I walk amongst scheming demons

Whose screams I can’t hear at all

Sky black
The mocking moon
Glides across my poisoned room
And although I know
I am close to death
I dread what I'll see when I lose my last breath

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