Friday, April 5, 2013

She Dreams- A Poem

She Dreams
K.N. Lee

Stealthily slipping into a glorious slumber

She dreams

Between lectures and meetings

And conflicts and beatings

She dreams

Her world

The one within her head

Is a place full of serenity

Absent of dread

With eyes wide open

And pen on paper

No inner demons

Nor outer

Dare to touch her

She’s built this land

With cookies and sand

Chocolate waterfalls

And cup cake deserts

A little house

On a little cloud

Are all waiting for her

When the yelling’s too loud

Broken and bruised

Abused and used

There’s one thing that’s safe

This shuttered place

Tucked deep

And far away

She only wishes

That she could stay

But it’s all a dream

A return to her youth

An escape from the truth

Therapy for her soul

At least this place

Is one thing

She can control