Monday, April 29, 2013

Fogged Mirror- By guest poet Shane Hogan!!

Fogged Mirror
Shane Hogan

I do remember I was in love.
There was an easy breeze 
That blew through all of those days.

Sight spawned from Naivety 
Allowed me to live in short spells
Of what I idealized.

Your word and scent was my addiction.
I arrived home drunk many nights
On thoughts of tomorrow.

You were my plant 
And I was your bee.
Then one day change came.
I did not understand how
But did not think, i was still drunk.
I believed the easy breeze would return.

It did not.

As my whole being entered withdrawal,
What was idealized started to crumble.
I was not the bee who found his plant.
I was the bee who was fooled by the jam jar
And only realized as i started to sink.
I could never have known
That ones beauty could so easily corrupt.

Inflicted with a disability i still care,
For a person who does not dwell within.
For my love was a one horse race,
That proved to be a very weak glue.
Although it is sabotage
I ponder on former actions.
It is treacherous to be a long since
Faded memory to someone,
When they are not to you.
I remember.

I have loved.

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