Monday, July 7, 2014

Where North Meets South and East Meets West **Book Blast**

Living on a farm and gaining an adventurous spirit from early age on, I have encountered crime, drugs, with their jails, prisons, mental institutions, living on the road and in the street, in the mountains and finally settling down with a family of my own. All the while my life being conspired against by a black magic warlock plotting with a judge and then a probation officer escalating into the lying words given over a drug bust gone bad for other conspirators, illegal law enforcement officials and hired henchmen on a payroll. 

My lifestyle reflects running from these injustices to the various places that so often meant the difference life and death but were actually inclusive as much danger as the men who sought my life, double jeopardy. In addition there are the many various supernatural experiences occurring to me including a flesh-on-flesh experience with Heaven.

A journey of enlightenment that traveled through the destruction of drugs, alcohol, and self hate....

Then you are awesomely awakened by the journey of realization, acceptance and healing through not only the author's life, but with him as he opens our eyes to the world around us. Author Timothy Baker also allows us a peek into his life as he recovers, renews relationships, and his redefining love of self, familia, life and all things truly important. His connection to the ultimate power of healing through his spirituality that will truly grip your heart, touch your soul and change your life forever.....

His honesty will give you pause, then cause you to applaud his strength.... An amazing and brilliant read and autobiography.....A 5 Star must read....WaAr

Reviewed By: De Ann "Native" Townes, Author of "Peer Inside My Soul and See Me" and "A King Among Prince"

Where North Meets South and East Meets West is one of those books that gives the reader many "Ah Ha" moments. It is a real life look at what happens when when a person becomes addicted to drugs, alcohol and lives on the streets. This autobiography is filled with stories just want to make you cry with emotion and scream at the same time to realize this really happened.

The author hold no punches, he writes it as it happened. He opens the readers eyes to the world we live in and are often protected from. The kind of world that is never really portrayed in the media as reality.

This book tells it like it is to be living on the road with addictions and a life spinning out of control. It tells of the road to recovery. The reader will smile, cry and feel so many emotions while reading this autobiograpy. I do not recommend it for young readers.