Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sin-Reaper **Teaser**

K.N. Lee
Fear dominated Raina’s thoughts. Home no longer existed. Her brother was gone. All she had was her power and the white-haired man that had rescued her.
This could not be real.
“Not again,” Raina mumbled through the bone-searing pain. Her blood dripped all over the stranger with the silver eyes that made her dare to hope they could survive.
Raina gripped his hand and stifled a cry as the second shot of light ripped through her thigh. The noise filled her ears as the pain burned through her muscles.
Raina shrieked and without pause, he threw her over his shoulder and continued running through the snow covered forest.
Wolves howled and warned their pack that creatures more dangerous than themselves were in their territory. Even with two gushing wounds, Raina feared what she could do to those men…to the world if she let the buried power within free.
The pain threatened everything.
“Calm yourself, Raina,” the stranger growled as he leapt across a rushing river and landed on the other side. “We will lose him and you will recharge. Trust me.”
Raina felt herself losing her grip on her power. So much blood dripped onto his bare chest from her wounds. Raina’s eyes rolled into the back of her head.
“Trust me,” he begged in between labored breaths. “I won’t let him have you.”
Raina nodded. She knew it was useless to tell him that she knew they were not going to make it. He would never believe her.
A chill ran throughout her entire body, making her eyes pop open in alarm. She expected to see the moon, but the cloak of a shadow blocked its light.
He was getting closer.
Naked, cold, and bleeding, Raina began to cry. This was not the first time, nor the one hundredth. She knew that they weren’t going to make it out of Seether.
Not with their souls.
They never did. The man with the black eyes, and the black crow, always won.
Coming Soon. July 2014