Saturday, July 19, 2014

Chocolate Pairings Blog Hop!

I am thrilled that the beautiful and amazing author, Kirstin Pulioff, selected me to be her successor in this chocolate blog hop. Alas, now I am a little afraid. I love chocolate...but pairing it with books?! 
Eek! What a challenge!

Wait a minute... We are talking about chocolate...and books. Two of my FAVORITE things!

This won't be difficult at all!
Here goes!

Pairings: one said I couldn't do a little shameless self-promotion! Besides, Koa literally compares blood to chocolate when she's sensually feasting on her hot American pet, Ian. Perfect. Don't you think? So with that said, I compare Netherworld with a yummy milk chocolate fondue. Because that's what blood tastes like...right?
Mistborn is one of my favorite books. So it goes well with one of my favorite sweets. Set in a world that is covered in mist and soot, you become attached to the incredible characters and their struggle to usurp a horrible tyrant and save the slave class from eternal strife. I pair Mistborn with dark chocolate, because it can be bitter at times, but so sweet in the end!
Another one of my absolute favorite books. I discovered this as a child and have been hooked on his excellent writings ever since. Stone of Tears is actually the second book in his Sword of Truth series, but it is the first that I found and read. So I'd say it was my introduction to his series...sounds like a Kit Kat bar. Ha! Kit Kat bars were my first taste of chocolate. Mmmmm, chocolate.

Here is one of the creepiest books I've ever read. Well, I was a child when I read it, and it might not be that creepy now. I may go back and read it again. Why? Because it's incredible. The title says it all. Witches, magic, characters that you fear for. 
What else could you ask for? 
Oh! I know! A delicious chocolate froyo. That's frozen yogurt if you didn't know. It's cold and delicious. And the Witching Hour will leave your bones chilled and goosebumps all over your tender flesh.

Mr. Darcy (in my mind) is one of the hottest British fictional characters...after Halston from The Chronicles of Koa of course. So, he gets paired with delicious hot chocolate. Mmmmm. Grab a cup, find a comfy chair, blanket, and devour this classic novel that will ignite the romance in your heart. 
Go on. Do it. 
Oh wait...we are not quite done yet!

There is something absolutely magical about Emily. I tell you, I look at her portrait and feel like I know her. How could I know her? Look inside the pages of this book and you will become familiar with my favorite poet. Her words are like spells that put a hex on your heart and incite incredible emotions. 
I love her. 
I love her work. 
And so I pair her with my favorite chocolate, yummy Dove chocolate. 

Tune in next Saturday for our next blog hop stop!

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