Monday, October 7, 2013

You Left Me Broken- a poem

You Left Me Broken
K.N. Lee

I want to call you
But you won't be there
I want to kiss you
Hug you
Smell your hair

I wish I had the chance
To sing the bitter blues away
Open my eyes from beside you
And welcome yet another day

I want to see you
Touch you
Taste your lips again
These pictures 
The ones of you and I
Crumple on the floor
Broken promises
And faded memories
I wish we could make more

You chose to leave
Like a coward
A thief
Stealing my feelings
And leaving me bleeding
Tears of regret
And words of hate
Drip like acid
Burning holes in my soul
And leaving me bare 
And cold

A love lost
A life stolen
You chose to leave
You left me broken