Saturday, October 5, 2013

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Please understand that I will try to get to everyone, but I am very busy and receive many requests. Just be patient and I will do my best to get around to yours in a timely fashion. As a courtesy, I will email you back and inform you if I am willing or unwilling to review your title. My preferred genres are fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and historical fiction. Thank you. 

Rating System
5 Star: 
Excellent! Loved it! Can't wait to tell my friends and the world!
4 Star: 
Great. I enjoyed it, but there may be some slight faults, but nothing too bad.
3 Star: 
Okay. Maybe there were a few grammatical errors, undeveloped plot, but still good enough to make me not dread continuing to the end.
2 Star: 
Needs a lot of improvement. Maybe it was a little boring.
1 Star: