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The Chronicles of Koa **Final Blog Tour Stop**

And now...the moment you've all been waiting exclusive look at Dark Prophet (The Chronicles of Koa #2) An excerpt. Enjoy. ;)


ith each sunrise and sunset, Eunju thought of the daughter that she had lost.
Tears soaked her cheeks. Only days had passed and nothing could dull the heartache. Nothing could soothe her fears and worry for her only child.
As she looked out the window at the sky, the sun vanished behind the mountains in the distance.
Atticus. She could feel his presence. He was returning, and she knew he would be returning alone. Koa was trapped in the Netherworld, for all eternity.
Eunju balled up her fist and pounded the glass of the window. She pressed her forehead against the cool glass and squeezed her eyes shut.
Too many emotions. Too much anger. Eunju feared what would happen if Atticus came to her now.
She feared what she might do to the vampire king that had taken her daughter from her. She had fallen in love with him, but none of that mattered when it came to the love she had for her daughter.
“Calm down, Eunju,” she whispered to herself in a soft voice.
She took a deep breath. Air sparked around her. Green and gold sparks crackled around her. She opened her eyes. Her vision was blurred by shadows. She bit her lip and sucked in more air.
The sound of the doorman opening the door for her husband made her heart thump. Eunju needed to control herself. She didn’t want to hurt Atticus. She didn’t think anyone could harm that powerful man, but she knew that she could.
No one was safe from her power. No man or creature.
It was her blessing. It was her curse.
Eunju loosened her fists and instead smoothed her long, black, hair and let out a long sigh. Some of the anger escaped with the air from her lips. The sparks faded into the air and all was quiet, except for the sound of Atticus’s footsteps coming up the main staircase of the manor.
Eunju fixed the collar of her white buttoned shirt and smoothed her gray skirt.
She wiped her cheeks of tears and turned to face her husband. She looked at him and knew that she could not be angry at him anymore.
She held her breath when she looked upon his face. He looked tired. There wasn’t an ounce of vigor in his eyes. She knew then, that he was as depressed about the loss of Koa as she was.
After all, it wasn’t his idea. It was that angel’s. Halston. He had devised this plan. Eunju hoped she could trust him.
Before Eunju could stop herself, she was running to Atticus. She wrapped her arms around his neck and sobbed into his chest. He put both arms around her small body and lifted her into a tight embrace. He sucked in a breath and buried his face in her hair.
“My raven-haired queen…I’m sorry,” Atticus said in a cracked voice.
Eunju sucked up her tears and looked into his face. She wrapped her legs around his body and held on. “No pet names today, Atticus. It will not work. Tell me what you’ve done.”
Margot, the housekeeper peeked into the library. “Do you need anything madam?”
Eunju shook her head, but kept her eyes locked on her husband’s face.
“And you monsieur?”
“We’re fine, Margot, please leave us.”
Margot nodded, bowed, and closed the door softly behind her.
Eunju held his face in both of her hands. Her brows furrowed. “What happened? Tell me everything.”
Atticus carried her over to the sitting area, by Koa’s writing desk. This was Koa’s favorite room in the entire manor. Eunju pictured Koa sitting in that mahogany chair with her feet crossed on the desk before her, and her face in a large book.
Atticus put Eunju down on the ivory chaise lounge and sat beside her. Eunju could still smell the Netherworld on him. Coal, embers, and a scent that she couldn’t describe, but knew it only to be a Netherworld smell.
Eunju wanted scrub that scent off of him. She didn’t want to think about that horrible place.
He wiped his face and shrugged. He was completely beaten down. There wasn’t a shred of happiness in his green eyes. There was no doubt that he loved Koa as much as she did. That comforted Eunju.
Eunju sat up straight and folded her hands on her knees, waiting.
Atticus sighed and clasped his hands. “I did everything like I was told. I took her to the Netherworld, presented her as agreed, and…”
Eunju frowned. “And what?”
Atticus looked away. “And King Greggan married her.”
Eunju shot to her feet. “What?”
Atticus slowly stood. He held his hands out, urging Eunju to calm down.
Eunju narrowed her eyes. “What?” Her hair blew back as the sparks crackled all around. Atticus gulped and backed away.
“Darling,” he said softly. “You must calm yourself.”
Eunju knelt and held a hand out. “Why did you give my daughter to that bastard?”
Atticus’s voice wavered. “I didn’t have a choice.”
“I agreed to her marriage to the young prince. Not to the very vampire that started this war.”
Atticus’s eyebrows rose. He looked up.
Eunju didn’t realize that she was floating. She didn’t care.
“My love, come back down to me. Let’s talk about this calmly.”
Eunju shot a green glow, grabbed him with it, and pulled him into the air. Her face was twisted in rage. Atticus was shaking.
“You bring my daughter back or I will banish you all.”
Atticus reached a hand out to her. She growled and used the green glow to toss him into a corner. All the tenderness and love in the world could not calm a mother fearful for their child.
Atticus was on his feet in an instant. He did not run, like she expected him to. She glared at him from under her brows.
“Eunju, listen.” He spoke calmer than she’d expected considering she’d just thrown him…a vampire king…like a piece of rubbish across the room. He knew the extent of her power, and still, he stayed.
“It did not matter which of them she married. It is not meant to last. Halston has a plan, and I trust him.”
“If that vile creature touches my daughter…”
Atticus nodded. “Yes, I know! I thought of that too. And so Halston helped Jax acquire a potion from the Alchemist.”
Eunju frowned. “What kind of potion?” She began to slowly lower herself to the floor.
“One that will keep Greggan from touching Koa. He will never have her in the way he intends. It will give Halston enough time to execute the plan.”
Eunju landed softly on her feet. The carpet was soft beneath her bare feet, but it was warm, heated from her power. She closed her eyes and stretched her neck. The sparks faded, and her blurred vision subsided.
She calmly sat down, crossed her legs, and looked across the room to Atticus. “Go on. Tell me everything.”

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