Thursday, October 24, 2013

Join Author, K.N. Lee, on an adventure!!

Join me on an adventure!

It's crunch time! Woohoo! Next week, October 31st to be exact, I'll be heading to the World Fantasy Con in Brighton, UK! 


I'm attending this convention to promote my books, The Chronicles of Koa: Netherworld and Thicker Than Blood, and in hopes of finding an agent. 

I've managed to raise half of my goal thanks to a few generous friends, fans, and family! Now, I'm hoping you can help me raise the rest before I leave next week! 

I'm not asking for charity. No way! I'm actually giving rewards for donations:

Signed copies of The Chronicles of Koa
Koa t-shirts
Koa key chains
Koa notepads
I'll even name a character after you in the series! 
You'll also receive recognition in the sequel and on my website

I'll be documenting my journey to the UK through a series of photos, video, journal entries, and articles on all of my sites:

The World Fantasy Con is only the beginning. When I return I will be touring the US:

New York
North Carolina

Let's do this!