Thursday, February 21, 2013

Secret Garden- Writing Prompt

You're having a picnic with your sweetheart and a group of butterflies lead you down a worn path. At the end of the path opens up to a beautiful garden. You see an ancient building and decide to explore the inside. What do you and your sweetheart see inside?

Best Responses Via Kristen McKee Jonathan Shirley, and Carlos De Jesus:

"A hobbit....who invites us in for tea and crumpets. After having eaten the crumpets and conversing with Boulderdash, the Hobbit, he then acts startled and tells me that the crumpets were laced with unicorn hair. To those that are not pure of heart and unworthy, this unicorn hair would have a sickening reaction. But to those worthy and pure in their humanity, the crumpets will prove to be a tasty treat! He then tells us he is a Unicorn trainer, and because we are worthy, and because we kept him company after years of no interaction with mortals, we may venture out into the garden and allow a unicorn to pick us as its new pets! To the rest of the world it will appear we are the owners of a beautiful white horse....but we will know the truth, we are kept by a majestic unicorn from a secret garden!" -Kristen McKee

"Obviously some beautiful artifact that will curse her and/or release some kind of evil into the world. It will hurt me pretty badly but i will survive long enough for some light to appear or a guardian, who will give me some training, maybe some special items, i'll be given a quest to stop this evil and rescue my sweetheart. along the way I may make some friends." -Carlos De Jesus

"For a moment we stood there, stunned, perplexed by the oddity of this mysterious gateway. Soon, curiosity gripped every fiber of my being, and, almost instinctively, I took a step forward. As I did so, my sweetheart reached out to grab my arm, saying "you don't know what's in there, it may be dangerous." "I know" I said "but this place is too intriguing to let go unexplored." I could see the nervousness in her eyes, but new her curiosity had to be satisfied as well. Her concern gave me a moment's pause, but I just had to reach for the gate.

It took a bit of force to open the gate, as though it had not been opened in quite sometime. As I slowly opened the gate, the creaking sounded as though 1000 demons were screaming from the depths of the earth. I open the gate enough to peer inside, and found the mouth of a cave. As I reached for my flashlight, I told my sweetheart "wait here, let me take a look inside." As she nodded her head okay, I cautiously took a few steps. "Everything looks safe" I said "come on, lets check it out." As we descended the narrow winding cave together, the daylight gave way to blackness and the ground turned muddy, I could begin to feel the air turning cool and damp. The only sound was that of water dripping from the cave's roof into muddy puddles on the ground.

After a short while, we came to the cave's end. What stood before us next was even more perplexing. A small door, about four feet tall and covered with some strange writing. Neither one of us knew what the writing meant, but we could see the orange glow of a fire gleaming out from under the door. Together we decided to go inside.

As we entered the small room, we were amazed by what we saw. Straight ahead was indeed a large stone hearth with a warm and inviting fire burning. To the left was what appeared to be a rustic country kitchen, full of all sorts of of breads, cheeses, herds, roots and a large kettle with a stew brewing. The whole room was filled with the pleasant smell of the herds and dinner cooking. In the middle of the room was a large wooden table filled all sorts of mixing bowls, beakers, and on one corner, there was some kind liquid boiling over a flame with steam billowing from the beaker. As my eyes scanned to the right side of the room, I saw doorway which led to another room.

Before I could move to investigate that room, a man appeared in the doorway. A short and very old man, with a long white beard and scraggly white hair. His clothes were worn and somewhat tattered, a dirty and stained shirt which used to be white, brown suspenders holding up grey wool trousers with holes at the knees and barefoot. He stood in the doorway for a moment, just as surprised to see us as we were to see him. Then he said "ah, welcome, welcome! You've made it just in time, just in time you have, just in time for supper! Come, come now, it's time to eat!" As he motioned for us to join him."-Jonathan Shirley

Thank you! Those were some pretty fantastical tales! It's amazing what our imaginations come up with with just a little encouragement. -K.N. Lee

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