Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Abandoned Village- Writing Prompt

There was a girl named Greta and she tended the sheep. One day she returned to her village in the hills and the houses were crushed, the animals were floating away in the river and all of the people were gone... What happened to the village and what will Greta do now?

Best Response via Detra Swem:

"After recovering from the shock of finding her home in ruins, Greta begins her quest for answers to the disappearance of her friends and family. Looking into the wreckage to find whatever answers she can find."

"In New Beginnings, Greta teaches Jira to be a lady. Jira avoids the lessons when she can." More on Detra and New Beginnings @

Thanks, Detra for that intriguing response to Greta's plight! I love quests and can already imagine an exciting journey for our little Greta! I immediately assume that there is a dragon involved somewhere in this story!

I think it's a great coincidence that one of the characters in your book, New Beginnings, is named Greta as well! Tell us more about this story in the comments if you'd like! -K.N. Lee

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