Monday, February 18, 2013

Haunted Hotel- Writing Prompt

You're on your honeymoon and realize the hotel you are staying in is haunted. 
The warlock/hotel manager has lured you and your husband to breed children to fill the rooms and become his family. 
You cannot leave, or he will curse your families and every child you give birth to outside of the hotel walls. 
What do you do?

Best Response via Kristen Mckee :

"Sit back and enjoy the amazing house with a fantastic view and hit up the overstocked vintage wine cellar like it were water!
I mean really...'Oh no Mr. Warlock, please don't force me to stay in this amazing home with a fantastic view and never have to pay taxes or a mortgage on it while I drink all of your amazing vintage wine, eat all of the free gourmet food, lazy about in giant bubble baths in antique claw foot tubs, and stroll through the ground's gardens while I have the time of my life 'playing the piano' with my husband while your nurses take care of the kids and keep them out of my hair' Eeesh...sounds awful! Really...horrible."- Kristen Mckee

Thanks Kristen for that hilarious response to what would have been a frightening experience to most people! Check in for more daily writing prompts!- K.N. Lee