Sunday, November 3, 2013

Willa & Max- a poem

Willa and Max
K.N. Lee

Willa had a little boy
A red cheeked fellow
Who brought her joy
He smiled 
And sang
In his darling little voice
But Willa was faced 
With a difficult choice

Max was his name
Only four, you see
With curly brown hair
And eyes of green 
His tiny hands 
Were fused into claws
He had pale white skin
And markings on his paws

Max was not 
A normal child...
But a creature from her closet
From a place hidden
But wild
He'd snuggle into her soft warm bed
Sing her to sleep
And that's when he fed
While Willa slept
Little Max would feast
For he was more than a goblin
But a growing beast