Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thicker Than Blood Giveaway!

And so I'm off to send copies of my paranormal short story collection the October's giveaway winners! 

List of winners:
  • Sam Lowe
  • Tarran Greggo
  • Carla Carlson
  • Hillary Reyna
  • Maryann Fleming
Thanks for entering! I hope you enjoy the book!
 Is this Heaven? Is this Hell? There's only one way to tell...

Thicker Than Blood
Twin sisters journey to a mysterious place...Did I mention that they're dead?

Where is Katie?
A little girl is locked in a room that has been boarded shut from the outside. She hasn't seen her parent's faces in years. Why are her parents afraid of her?

The Galloway Lake
A young track star is kidnapped, tortured, and tossed into a lake. I wonder if her kidnapper knew that lake was on a haunted plantation. Will she survive this night?

Three paranormal stories that will make your skin crawl...