Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Captive Youth **Book Blast**

Book Description:

November 11, 2013
Keith’s boring life becomes a fight for survival when a half-naked, handcuffed Mexican girl jumps into his little sports car. Events escalate to mortally dangerous when a man starts shooting at and chasing them.
Raised by his grandmother as a “Christian gentleman,” Keith quickly learns that behaving in accordance with those values is more difficult than he imagined. Not understanding the Spanish the girl speaks, he contacts his girlfriend for help in translation. She tells him members of a human-trafficking ring are pursuing them, and local police can’t be trusted.
When his girlfriend tries to help them find safety, members of the trafficking ring kidnap all three teenagers. Faced with the threat of abuse and death, the young people must depend on each other if they are to escape.
Set in the South of the U.S. during the tumultuous sixties, this thriller immerses one in the limitations, mores, and prejudices of the time.

5.0 out of 5 stars Great Suspense November 7, 2013

I loved this gripping page-turner. The main characters range from innocent to victimized teens and trustworthy to villainous adults. Unlike the science fiction "Rehoboth," Monet Jones shows his tremendous flexibility as a writer by setting this story in the very real world of the South. As each character is developed through action and conversation, they become real people in the mind of the reader. The tension and suspense is palpable. The outcome is not a foregone conclusion. At various times, as the story unfolds, the reader may be tempted to skip to the end, but the reader gains nothing as the story has been crafted page by page to lead to the conclusion - DON'T SKIP A PAGE! Enjoy the good read!