Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rise of the Flame 99 Cent Sale!

Rise of the Flame is on sale for 99 cents! I was super excited to have it accepted by BookBub, so hopefully with their assistance in the book's promotion, we can make it to the top of the charts again! 

Heir to the throne of a god, Lilae is one of the world’s most wanted humans. When she’s enslaved by an evil emperor, all hope seems lost. But a ruler from the across the realm vows to save Lilae… even if it means losing his heart in the process.


"Rise of the Flame is epic in every sense of the word! This book has everything--complex characters, a well-developed fantasy world, romance, action, and plot twists. The author certainly knows how to tell a story. I was hooked from the first page... and I guarantee you'll be too! If you enjoyed Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, you'll love this book." Kirstin Pulioff, Author of Escape of Princess Madeline
"BEST fantasy book I read this year!" - The Grammar Babe

"Her story has layers of realms and dimensions and just as many characters. She balances the story with the usual darkness wanting to destroy the light, one race wanting to wipe out the next. But, we have two characters, having had only a glimpse of each other between realms. Both intrigued and yet not quite sure what they experienced, and so we get to see how this unfolds and the tragedies and triumphs they will endure before they find one another. I am a dragon girl and when the dragon first appeared I was like YES!" -Denice Garrou, Author of the Dragonhorse Saga 
"Author K. N. Lee is skilled with the use of what makes fiction come alive for a reader: heroic characters who courageously face harrowing challenges, such as protagonists Lilae and Liam, formidable villains like Wexcyn and Dragnar, dialogue which flows as credibly as any given conversation in daily life, and, of course, enough compelling action sequences to keep the pages turning far into the wee hours of another morning's dawn."- Michael Holman. Author of Resolve and Retribution
"This is my first book by this author and I couldn't put it down. It was a thrill ride with interesting characters and a great storyline. I definitely recommend reading this."- Rants and Raves with Yvonne