Friday, October 24, 2014

Aware by, David S. Reynolds **Book Blast**

By, David S. Reynolds

An accident in space has left Navigation Specialist Jenkins alone on a ship that is dying. She is almost certain that the initial malfunction was caused by a robot, proving in her mind that all robots are useless. Jenkins finds this conviction challenged by Repair Bot 3, the last of three bots that is struggling with becoming aware. The two advisories must find a way to understand each other and work as a team in order for both to survive.

Author Bio:

I am somewhat of a rarity - A Tucsonan that was actually born in Tucson, Az. Other than one semester of college at Northern Arizona University where I learned I don't like snow, always lived in the Tucson valley and consider myself a certified desert rat.

I enjoy reading and writing many different styles and genre, from political satire to mindless theater. Sometimes I write with a message in mind, sometimes I don't.

When I'm not writing I enjoy traveling, photography, riding motorcycles, building and flying model aircraft and trying new stuff.

You can find more about me and find out about new releases on Facebook by looking up Renaissance Redneck Media.

I hope you get something from my writings, even if it is just a laugh.

Thanks for reading.